Heather’s Guide to Surviving Super Bowl!

If you’re like me, you don’t really care who’s in the big game this weekend.

*Tuck and cover, ladies!*

It’s true. I’m not a sports fan. Although if I ever watch sports, it’s the big games—Super Bowl, Grey Cup (I’m Canadian, eh!), World Series…Are there any others? See, I TOLD you I’m not a sports person.

So anyways, what’s a girl to do if she’s not into this weekend’s festivities? Here’s my 3 easy tips to get you through the weekend with your sanity intact!

1. Load up a plate full of snacks and game treats. I’m talking piggies in a blanket, taco dip, burgers—whatever you’ve been roped into making for the boys—that! Eat some of that stuff. And grab it before the boys get their hungry hands on it and there’s none left for you.

2. Most definitely, get thee a drink! STAT! You’re going to need it to get through all the yelling at the TV as your husband and his friends cheer or curse the teams. And really, isn’t any excuse for a cocktail in the middle of the afternoon a good thing?

3. Grab your kindle, nook, smart phone, laptop or any other ereader you have handy and make yourself comfy on the bed all by yourself. With snacks and drinks, all you need is some reading material! Luckily, you came to the right place and I can help you out!!

Want to fall in love with a millionaire bachelor in a brownstone bookstore? Read LOVE AND LATTES!

KINDLE                                       NOOK                                      SILVER PUBLISHING

Want to get wisked away to Paris for some retail therapy and the hottest pilot in the skies? Take a trip with LOVE ON LANDING!

KINDLE                                       NOOK                                      SILVER PUBLISHING

Dreaming of snow? How about heating up a hot tub with a hunk who only has eyes for you? Steam up your ereader with BUNNY HILLS AND BIKINIS!

KINDLE                                     NOOK                                        SMASHWORDS


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