Family Life Friday

IMG_3684I have 2 daughters and I want more than anything for them grow up knowing they are strong, independent, and capable of anything they set their minds to. Sometimes that seems overwhelmingly difficult while raising them in a world that feels chaotic so often now. There are so many messages out there for them to take in, and many of them are not the ones I want them to hear.

So in an effort to empower them, and myself, I organized a self-defense class for mothers and daughters at a local TKD place. It was 2.5 hours of kicking, punching, learning out to get out of different holds, learning an attacker’s weaknesses and our strengths. At the end of the session, we all broke boards! We kicked and punched our way through those suckers!! It was incredibly fun and so, so empowering to know that we could do it.

Now both of my girls are interested in taking up TKD because they loved the experience so much! While that might be a possibility if I’m able to fit it into our after school schedule, I’m also thinking about other things we can learn together to better ourselves in different ways.

I’m thinking survival training! Starting fires with and without flint… How to make a shelter… What to eat in the wilderness… How to use a real compass! I think these would all be amazing skills to learn myself and to have the kids learn. I’m going to look into it for this summer!

If you could take a class in something new or off-beat, what would it be?


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