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By some fluke, he’d managed to land on top, pinning her to the ground with her arms above her head. Her breasts strained against the thin material of the camisole, her nipples beading under his gaze. He’d ended up between her legs with his groin pressed into the tender flesh at the apex of her thighs.

“Seems I’m the one who neutralized you, Ms. Big Shot Bodyguard,” he said, practically panting. “Guess you’re not so tough without your weapons, are you? Let’s see if you can get out of this one.”

He hovered over her, his bare chest dangerously close to her aching nipples as his hands squeezed around her wrists. The air around her swirled with the aroma of cologne, testosterone, and desire. It was intoxicating to the point she wanted to close the distance between their lips.

“You think I lied about my skills?” she asked, straining against his hands to determine exactly how strong his hold on her was.

He shrugged. “We all talk a better game than we can play sometimes.”

“Oh really?” she asked, an idea forming in her mind. Distract and attack. “Exactly what have you exaggerated about your game?” With accentuated purpose, her gaze raked down his body to settle on the area currently nestled between her legs. When she met his gaze again, there was fire in his eyes. “It’s okay. I’m sure all guys tell the biggest fish story once in a while.”

His rolled his hips, pressing into her. She bit her lip to stifle a moan. No way she’d give him the satisfaction of knowing how good he felt.

“Some things don’t need to be exaggerated.”


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