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“I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy living in a world with real action, actual bad guys who try to kill me with real bullets, and dodging explosions that literally blow things to pieces, to watch you play grown up while your adoring fans eat popcorn and dream about licking melted butter off your abs.”

“Is that their fantasy or yours?”

“I’m sure you’ve been too busy killing people, or whatever it is you claim to do, to watch any of my movies lately, but I’m kind of a big deal in the action movie world. Fans expect me to be the tough guy they see on screen and that’s what I give them when I’m off screen too.”

She rolled her eyes. It was the first real expression he’d seen, and he liked that he’d been able to break through her carefully constructed outer shell.

“As I was saying,” Gabe chimed in from the couch. “You need a solution that won’t hurt your reputation and Lacey is the perfect person for the job. In fact, she’s the perfect person for two jobs.”

“I only agreed to be security.”

“I know. And that’s what you’ll do. You’ll simply do it while also pretending to be Rex’s new personal assistant, which he actually needs.”

“I’m not trained to be an assistant. I don’t fetch lattes.”

“What’s wrong, sugar? That beneath your pay grade?” Rex asked.

Her cheeks pinked ever so slightly as she narrowed her eyes. “Yes. And call me sugar again and I will break you.”He laughed. Loudly. “You’ll break me? Wow. You’re hardcore. Good thing I don’t break easily, or I might be worried.”

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