It’s Here!! It’s Here!! LOVE ON LANDING on Nook and Kindle!


Today is an exciting day for me! My newest release, LOVE ON LANDING, the second Meadow Ridge Romance, is available on Kindle and Nook!! So if you’ve been waiting to buy it, wait no longer. Here’s the links:



Now, can I ask a little favor?? If you plan on buying my book sometime in the future but you’re not sure when, would you consider buying it today or this weekend? I’d love to make an amazon.com list and the only way you do that is with a day of plentiful sales.

Can I ask another favor while you’re there buy my book? Can you please click the little ‘like’ button on amazon page as well as click on my tags closer to the bottom of the page? I don’t know why, but I’ve been told they help your book come up on the system more.


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  1. Savannah Chase says:

    Huge congrats on the release…

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