Q is for Queen B

Today’s A-Z challenge post is dedicated to the Queen B… B*tch! If you’ve read my Reality TV Romance series, then you know I”m talking about Zoe—the Queen of all B*tches. She sarcastic and grumpy and has an opinion about everything whether you want to hear it or not. And… I love her. She is a blast. I’ve had so much fun writing her! And as far as I can tell, my readers love to hate her!

So here’s to Queen B Zoe!

“Not hungry?” Cassidy asked.

“Oh no, I’m starved. But there’s no way I’m eating all those calories when I have to go on television tomorrow. I’ve heard the camera adds ten pounds and I really don’t need any extra. Well, unless they could add it to my boobs.”

Cassidy evaluated her own plate. It wasn’t overflowing, but it wasn’t celery, either. “Hmm, you’re probably right.” She took a bite of chocolate cake. “But if I starved myself, I’d be cranky and trust me, no one would want to see that on TV.” She savored the taste of the creamy chocolate as it melted in her mouth.

“Maybe you should follow her lead and put your fork down,” a voice said, dripping with disdain.

Cassidy swallowed her bite. Of course, the voice belonged to the prettiest girl in the room. She had long blonde hair, vibrant blue eyes, and legs that could walk across the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

“Why, exactly?” Cassidy paused, her fork poised above the cake.

“She’s right about the camera.” The girl eyed Cassidy up and down as she stirred a tall glass of iced tea. “But I guess you’re not much competition anyway, are you? You may as well enjoy your cake while you’re still here.” The girl snickered and sauntered away.

“Wow. Who was that bitch?” Cassidy stabbed the cake and took another bite just to spite the bitchy blonde’s jiggle-free, size two ass as it walked away.

“That’s Zoe Oliver. She’s some big-shot singer or something. I bet she’s going to win this whole thing.”


Want to read more about Zoe? You can check her out in FALLING FOR YOU  and also STUCK ON YOU! And in July, Zoe Oliver becomes the star of her own story why LOST WITHOUT YOU releases. Think you know Zoe? Think again. She isn’t what she seems…


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  1. Bhavya (@Bhav_Zz) says:

    I’d love to hate the Queen B.. Oh my God.. what an attitude!!

    Bhavya fellow participant at the AtoZ Challenge blogging at Just Another Blog

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