What's Next?

So, what’s next? Do I want to try my hand at another novella? How about a short novel? Or perhaps another single title? Do I want to start on my idea for book two in my series? Do I want to change my idea for book two and go a different direction than what I was previously thinking? Decisions, decisions…

I think for the next two weeks before my kids head back to school on a regular schedule, I’m going to take it easy. I’m going to work on a few things and see what jumps out at me the most. Then that’s the project I’ll start really focusing on and writing when the kids go back to school and I get my regular writing schedule back.

I currently have four possible ideas for the sequel to You’re Not the One. I need to spend some time with each idea, plotting, planning, and developing the characters to see which of those ends up being the strongest. I also want to develop an idea for a 50,000 word novel since I’m thinking of taking part in NaNo this November. It also might be fun to try and think of another 20,000-ish word novella. It was a different experience writing a novella than it was my single title. Maybe I’d like to think about writing another, but I need an awesome idea first.

So I guess my official answer to my question is that development is next for me, at least for the next couple of weeks. What’s next for you? What are you looking ahead to as your next WIP?


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  1. Janet Walters says:

    Heather, I have books lined up to take my years to write and the next project when I finish the current one is the fourth novella in a series that I started a couple of years ago. It’s the fourth sibling and I finally know what kind of torture I’m putting him through. These are sensual novellas. The real problem is that when the two books were resold there are four others that are partly finished. I guess I’m good for a lon,, long time.

  2. Shoshanna Evers says:

    oooh I think you should start outlining a 50K book for NaNoWriMo! And while you’re doing that you could also work on writing something. Right now I’m in the middle of writing a novella for Ellora’s Cave and outlining a single title as kind of a pet project.

    It’s hard to work on two things at once but it’s also fun – no more writer’s block! If you get stuck on one you switch to the other and back again, lol.

  3. Wendy Marcus says:

    Hi Heather!
    My children don’t start back to school until after Labor Day. I find these last two weeks of summer vacation to be the busiest. And yet I still try to write every day…..often with frustrating results. Today I set my alarm clock for 6:30 a.m. figuring I’ll get up and write before anyones awake. I got out of bed at 9:00. Still, I’m alone down here and what am I doing? Blogging!!!!! Enjoy your down time!

    1. hthurmeier says:

      Hi everyone!

      Janet, I can’t believe how many books you have on the go and already finished! It’s amazing!!
      Shoshanna, I am definitely going to be outlining an idea in time for NaNo. I think it’ll be fun to be a part of, but I still have a little time to let my ideas simmer before I have to get really serious about it.
      Wendy, Thankfully I got a lot of school stuff done in advance so this last two weeks I can just relax and enjoy the kids. I’m going to miss M so much when she’s off to school five days a week! And little Miss K will be gone 3 mornings! But at least I’ll get some good writing time in. I’m hoping to have enough planning done that I can sit down and get started write away.

  4. Taryn Kincaid says:

    I can read a few books at a time, no problem. (Until, of course, I get so totally swept up in one of them that I can’t put it down until the end.)

    Writing…kind of a different story. Have some ideas, but don’t want to start anything new until others are finished.

    Haven’t looked at my Wild Rose Press paranormal novella since June. And now it looks like I’m going to be going crazy with it for the next short period of time. Thought I would get lots done today, but I had to start rereading it all over again from the beginning! Hopefully it’ll be done before I have to go through copyedits and such for the Carina Press Regency, which I think is supposed to be finalized by November to meet the February release date.
    Yeah, I know, everybody should have such problems. It’s just…huge gaps of nothingness go by while you’re waiting to hear (I suppose I should have been working Cole and Lara, but I wasn’t!) and then everything hits the fan. Kind of like broken sinks, apartment floods, warped floors, fallen tiles and shifty car mechanics!

    1. hthurmeier says:

      Taryn, You’ve had a crazy few months! And it sounds like you have another few crazy months coming up! Enjoy it.

  5. Yolanda says:

    I like the idea of gearing up for NaNoWriMo. I hope to be done with my YA and a few other things before then. Enjoy the time with the kids!

  6. jennifer121 says:

    Hi Heather,
    First off, good luck transitioning – sending the kids off is killing me, but I do know in a week or two I will probably be blogging about how wonderful it is to actually be able to work again! It is so hard to decide what to put my energy to. I find it almost stressful, when before it was fun. I have such a limited time at the computer, I like to focus on a project, but am all over the place. Finishing up a novella right now for Red Sage and want to pitch by October (my mental deadline). Working on another project in collaboration with others. And struggling with a sequel to a character who has intrigued me but I can’t sell the first book, OR a new idea that is luring me to the keyboard with characters who have just jumped out at me while I was driving to work. I love our career field!!!!

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