It Happened.

This morning something happened that I knew was coming eventually, but always hoped never would.  A moment I was dreading.  A moment that sort of confirms what you’ve done right and wrong as a parent.  Possibly it’s a rite of passage as a parent, I don’t know, but it certainly feels like one.

I was trying to get the girls dressed before they watched a show because it’s a school day for M.  M got dressed pretty easily.  Then I moved on to K, the tricky one.  I asked her nicely to come over a few times (or like 10 possibly).  Finally, my stern voice seemed to propel her forward to me to get her dressed.  Half way through putting on her cute little undies, M looks at me and says, “Is K being a pain?”

I rolled my eyes a little and sighed at having been caught and repeated saying something a little less than nice about K, even if it was true and she is often a pain.  She’s my pain and I love her deeply.  So I said, “Yes, she’s being a little bit of a pain today not wanting to getting dressed.”

M looks at me, eyes large and innocent (with just a tiniest hint of rebellion).  “A pain in the ass?”

And there it is.  My shining moment as a mother, a teacher, a role model.  Oh, crap.  Well, it least she didn’t drop the F-bomb.



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  1. vanessa says:

    ya at least!
    Nick asked me yesterday “what’s worse mom…the B word…the F word or saying stupid”
    I replied “they are all words for big people”
    he says “OK I will just call people a dink then”
    ya I hear you

  2. hthurmeier says:

    Hahaha! That’s so funny, V!

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