We’re Just a Couple of Watermelons

Mike and I were talking tonight about the kids.  I told him about my day with K and her tantrums.  She’s turning 2 so they are to be expected.  Today she was at her finest with a couple of great tantrums, black pen on a white door, and mischief making instead of napping.  So it’s been a little stressful around here.  We came up with a nice little analogy about things around here right now.

Mike: “K is running full force into her terrible twos.  She like…a dump truck.”

Heather: “Going 50…in a school zone.”

Mike: “With a watermelon stand in the road…I feel like a watermelon!”

Heather: “Me too!”


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Heather Thurmeier

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  1. jend says:

    Heather! Oh my gosh! I have had so much fun reading these! I completely forgot about this webpage of yours! I was on Reagans blog and went to click on your girls page and I clicked on this instead and got so excited!

    Your negotiation with the girls to go to the grocery store was the best!!!

    And your description of Meg doing a log roll to the table…but not without fixing the hair from her eyes was also classic!!!

    Too funny! I found my new addiction! hahaha!!!

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