The Grocery Game

So today it was freaking cold outside.  And not just the usual cold, where really it’s not THAT cold, I’m just a wimp!   Nope it was really really cold.  And of course we are out of all the major things in the house.  I have little to no desire to go out in the cold, but I do have a desire to eat.  So we have to go.  I tell the kids we are going to the grocery store so come and get pants on.  It doesn’t matter that it’s cold in the house too (oil is too expensive, I’m not turning the heat higher that 71), they are the most happy when naked, followed closely by pantless.  They both flat out ignore me.  Selective hearing at it’s best.  Here’s the rest of the conversation/negotiation:

Mum: Come and get dressed so we can go!

M: I don’t want to go to the rocery store. (Turns and runs away from me)

K: Nooooooooo! (Turns and follows Meghan)

Mum: Yes.  Now come on, let’s go already.

M: But I really don’t want to go.  I want to stay home and play.

Mum: Well I don’t want to go either but we have to so lets just go and then we’ll come straight home and play.

K: Go train table!!! (Her vote is always to go to the train table at Barnes and Noble.)

Mum: Fine K, we’ll go get groceries then go to the train table then come home.

M: I want to get the car a bath (The girls recently went through the car wash with me and they though it was pretty darn cool that the car gets a bath.)

Mum: Fine groceries, car bath, train table, home to play.  Good?  Lets go.

M: But I really really really don’t wanna to go.

Mum: Well I really don’t want to either, but if we don’t go, we won’t have bananas or chocolate milk.

M: <sigh> Fine.

K: Nanas!!!!!

Off to the grocery store we go.  Kids 0 Mum 1.


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