Patience is a Virtue?

Really? I’m starting to think that patience is just a pain in the ass. I always thought that I was a patient and easy going person. But after dealing with two small children, I’m beginning to wonder. I have realized that patience is one of my many weak points as a mother. Even though I try and try, I just never seem to have enough. I feel like I’m always supposed to be in control of the moment and never loose my cool. I think that’s what everyone is led to believe makes for good parenting. But really, the people who preach that must not have children, because there is no freaking way that you can remain calm at ever moment of ever day. And it’s very random what things will annoy me to no end and make me want to give up my calm exterior. One day it was M not coming to the table fast enough when I called her for lunch. Really? You really need to log roll across the entire living room floor (and stop to deal with your hair in your eyes…three times!) instead of just getting up and walking to the table? Or maybe it’s K crying and crying because she’s hungry and I can’t get her diner ready fast enough.  However, the next day the kids might take 15 minutes to stop playing and come to the table and I could care less.  I’ve stopped trying to figure out my patience and understanding level each day.  Now I really just try to manage it.  Somedays I do better than others.  I do know one thing, patience sucks and I seriously need more of it most days!  Anyone have some they can spare?



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  1. Vanessa says:

    no I have none to spare…and have yet to figure mine (or lack thereof) out either 🙂
    sorry I am no help but to say I have seen the girls…they are beautiful & happy…so keep doing whatever you are doing…hugs from winterpeg

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