Unscripted Love #TeaserTuesday — Lost Without You

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Today I have a little teaser snippet from the third book in the series, Lost Without You. Enjoy!

“Each team should have a map in their possession.”

They should?

“Your first task is to find your site, set up camp with the gear provided, and survive your first night out in the wild. Tonight I’ll check in with each team to see how you’re doing. Teams, it’s time to get wild! The game officially begins now.”

Zoe watched quietly as the teams scrounged in their bags to find the maps that would lead them to their camps. A wave of relief came over her that this time she didn’t have to worry about strategy or getting along with the other contestants or any of the other things she’d had to worry about on the previous shows. This time, finally, she wouldn’t have to fear water challenges that threatened to remove her makeup in one splash. Sure, she’d always worn waterproof, but there was only so much it could withstand. She might have come across as calm and uncaring at the thought of going out on a canoe to grab a cache with Paige, Miles, and Ben, but on the inside, she’d been a quivering mess. At least this time all she had to do was show up, look pretty, smile, and read a few cue cards. No big deal.

“Ready to go?” Chip asked, motioning toward the trail all of the teams had now started down.

“Go where?”

“To the production camp.”

Zoe glanced around at the production trailers that looked pretty permanent by the park office. “Are the trailers going to meet us at the camp or are there some already waiting there?”

Just then a production person handed her a large backpack. The one she’d been told to pack. The one she thought she’d be unpacking soon into a nice chest of drawers in a cozy room somewhere.

Chip shook his head and looked worried for the first time ever in her memory. “Zoe, your job is to be near the contestants to host the show. The show takes place in the wilderness. The trees are too dense for the trailers and there are no nearby roads. I’m afraid the best you’re going to get for the next few weeks is a porta-potty and a private tent.”

Fear gripped Zoe. This couldn’t possibly be any worse. No bathroom with running water. No electricity. No cozy bed to curl up in each night.

“Let me guess,” she said through clenched teeth. It didn’t matter how cute Chip was, he could really be an annoying little shit when he wanted to be. “You’re staying here, right?” No way was Mr. Hot Shot Producer roughing it like she was being forced to.

“No, myself and a handful of other production people will be staying with you in a production base camp. We have tents and a little kitchen and even a couple of camping showers. Don’t worry, Zoe, you won’t be alone.”

“Oh, good, so there will be someone to hear me scream when I get eaten by a bear.” He laughed.

She didn’t.


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