I’ve been doing a lot of guest posts and interviews lately and one of the questions that often comes up is who would I pick to play the leading roles if the book was to become a movie? Good question! The first time I was asked this, it took a lot of thinking and a long time to figure out. I’m terrible with names. All names. Even celebrities. So coming up with a leading man and a leading lady to depict my hero and heroine was challenging and involved a lot of research searching google images for pictures. A. Lot. Of. Research. 😉 Here’s who I decided would play the roles in Love and Lattes:


Chase Bloom would be played by Ben Affleck. He’s just the right amount of clean cut cutie. And every time I look at him I can’t help but think of him and Liv Tyler in Armageddon. That scene with him making voices for the animal crackers across her belly while they lay in a field somewhere thinking they may never see each other again… Gets me every time… Gah, now I have to go see if that scene is on youtube! Have I mentioned how much I love that movie? I do. It’s one of my all time favorites.

Julia Walker would be played by Evangeline Lilly. She gorgeous and I totally loved her in LOST. I think she’d be an awesome Julia.






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