Liia Ann White’s Friday Favorites!

This week I have Liia Ann White here with me. Liia is a friend and a fantastic author! She has agreed to stop by and answer some silly questions for me. Yeah! So here they are:

Fav meal?

Mashed potato and spinach. It combines 2 of my favourite foods and tastes SO good. Is that weird?

(Yes it is, Liia… Yes it is! LOL.)

Fav guilty pleasure movie or TV show?

I love shows like Ice Loves Coco, Kendra etc. ‘Reality’ TV. When I’m bored or restless, there’s nothing like some trash TV to keep me entertained. Of course, this is only if there’s no animation on – American Dad! Etc 😉

(I LOVE reality TV!! But I don’t know these shows you speak of… Off to Google…)

Fav holiday?

My last trip to the US earlier this year. Honestly, it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time and the first time I’ve been away completely alone. I met so many awesome and fun people (this site’s owner included!) and had such a great time, it’ll be very difficult to top.

(Aww, we loved having you in the States!)

Fav singer/band?

A tie between Paramore and VersaEmerge. I love them both. They help me write, both lead singers have incredible voices and write brilliant and deep lyrics.

Fav Hollywood Hunk?

Hands down – Ian Somerhalder. He loves animals and the environment as much as I do, acts in my favourite TV show based on my favourite book series AND is easy on the eyes. He can give most women one look and make them want to melt 😉


Thanks so much for having me!

A great big, huge thank you to Liia for being here today! Liia’s newest release looks so awesome! I LOVE this cover so much. I can’t wait to check it out. It is totally on my TBR list.



Remy Sommers has grown weary of his playboy lifestyle. He’s ready to fall in love and settle down. Problem is, he doesn’t know where to start. After attending his sister’s wedding, he takes her advice and contacts the 1 Night Stand dating agency – the same agency she used to find her new husband.

Bella Donna has had enough of blind dates. She’s always left bitterly disappointed. On the advice of a friend, she contacts Madame Evangeline, hoping her reputation precedes her and she can find Bella Donna her perfect man.

A mysterious invitation from Madame Evangeline leads them both to the secluded and exclusive Castillo Lodge in Alaska for a holiday event.

Will they get their happily ever after? Or will their first white Christmas end in disaster and disappointment?



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  1. Aimee Carson says:

    Go, Liia Ann => Ian Somerhalder! You have great taste!!! LOVE your cover and your premise. Off to add Her First White Christmas to my TBR pile. Can’t wait to read it!

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