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The Lure of the Fairy Tale

What is it about a fairy tale that sucks me in every single time?  Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been a huge fan of them.  I grew up with the Disney collection of books, then when I was a teen, I graduated to fairy tales of the world.  I still have all of those books and love reading the Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson versions of the tales, even when those endings are quite as rainbows and unicorns as you see in the movies.

I think for me it’s knowing there will be a happy ending no matter how much peril and danger the heroine or hero have to slog through to get there.  It gets me excited while I wonder how they’re going to pull off that miracle.  And, of course, when the iconic “true love’s first kiss” finally comes along, it’s a heart melting and full body sigh moment.

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at retelling a few fairy tales.  The first of which is WISHFUL THINKING.  It’s a reimagined take on Rumpelstiltskin, told in a modern-day way.


Blurb:  Believing may be seeing but confidence can change impossible situations.

Plus-sized Jovie Andrews is constantly passed over for promotions and she feels invisible.  Things only get worse when her boss, thinking he can impress the owner of their company, tells everyone that she can change old contracts into gold bars.  If Jovie thought her life was bad before, she had no idea how horrible it could be until she finds herself in a room with stacks of outdated contracts she’s expected to miraculously transform.

As she pours a cup of tea, she rubs at a stain on the creamer pot, and a magical being, Rand, appears, saying he’ll help her with her troubles–for a price each time.  Skeptical yet curious about the exotically sexy man, she agrees, but she’s not prepared for the erotic things he does to her as reward.  Over the course of her trials, he teaches her how worthy of good things she really is.

Once the tasks are completed, and freed of Rand’s help, Jovie is given an ultimatum:  find out his full name or exchange her life for Rand’s; otherwise, he’ll be lost for all eternity and she’ll be trapped in the prison he came from.


Book video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn5A9LmM0nI


Short excerpt introducing the villain and the heroine’s predicament:

Clinton threw an arm about her shoulders. “I have recently discovered Jovie has a hidden talent.” The oily chumminess in his sent bile into her throat.

“Oh?” Dan’s beady eyes roved over her body. “What would that be? She’s too much on the fleshy side for that type of activity.”

Heat swept through her cheeks at his implication. Before she could object, Clinton interjected.

“I wouldn’t know. She rejects all my attempts.” A trace of bitterness echoed in his statement. “However, you’re not even in the ballpark, sir.” His wolfish grin widened. “She has the ability to turn old contracts into gold. And not just any gold. Gold bars.” He held up a hand, palm outward, when both she and Dan scoffed at the idea. “I know you’re thinking I’m insane, and that Jovie would have to be a magician to attempt something like this.”

Jovie jerked from under his arm. “You’re an ass, Clinton.”

“I agree. Time is money.” Dan retrieved a yellow note pad and pen from the polished wood table. “Get to the real point instead of this hormonal nonsense between you two.”

“Oh, this is the truth, sir. I don’t know how she does it, but our girl has been holding back. Think about it. Wouldn’t a few gold bars patch the hole in this doomed company? You can say we’re solvent all you want, but we both know the end is coming.”


Clinton threw an evil look over his shoulder before turning his attention back to Dan. “In fact, I’d bet a month’s commission that if you brought in a copy paper box full of outdated and cancelled contracts, Jovie could turn them into a stack of gold bricks before the morning. Just think of how much cash that could translate into with today’s prices.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Jovie marched forward and yanked on Clinton’s arm. “What kind of crap are you trying to pull here? I can’t turn contracts into gold any more than I can turn this conference table into a chariot with six horses.” She mentally berated herself for thinking of fairy tales at a time like this when what she really needed was a level head.

“I agree with Jovie on this one, Clinton.” Dan’s face reflected his doubt. “I don’t know how you’re trying to get your rocks off, but this is a stupid idea.” He turned toward the doorway.

“Are you sure?” Clinton followed their boss and laid a congenial hand on his shoulder. “What do we know about her? She’s worked here for six months and hasn’t made many friends among the staff. She rejects every effort we’ve made to take her out for drinks. She’s secretive. If you let her walk out of here, how do you know she won’t quit overnight and lend her unique talent to another company?”

Speechless with outrage, Jovie could almost see the wheels turning in Dan’s brain. Stupid, greedy man! I can’t believe he’s considering this! She curled her fingers into fists, biting her bottom lip when her fingernails bit into the flesh of her palms.

Clinton’s smirk widened. “Imagine if what I say is true? A pile of gold bricks could keep this company afloat for a long time and give you the cash you need to woo bigger clients, perhaps open up a second location. Hell, you could close this white elephant and retire to some tropical location and play golf the rest of your life.”

“Oh, please.” Jovie swallowed heavily when the light of materialism sprang into Dan’s eyes. “Sir, you have to know how stupid this sounds! Turning anything into gold. What an idiotic idea. He’s making this stuff up.”

As one, both the men assessed her. Dan cleared his throat. “Stupid or not, I have no choice except to see if what Clinton says is true.” He rubbed bony fingers over an equally bony chin. A Cheshire grin played about his thin-lipped mouth. “Clinton, escort Jovie into the small conference room at the end of the hall. The one without windows so she won’t be distracted. Jovie, I’ll bring all of last year’s contracts to the room and let you have a go at it.”

Horror swept through her stomach and left it in knots. “Are you people out of your minds?” Jovie made a move to shove past the men. Clinton grabbed one of her arms while Dan led the procession along the hall. “Let me go! You can’t hold me against my will. This isn’t the Middle Ages!” Fear rose in her throat and tightened her chest as sweat dampened her back, causing her lavender silk shirt to stick to her skin.

Dan waved off her protests. “It won’t be against your will. You’ll work in the conference room. If you don’t do the job, you won’t have the job anymore. Your choice.”

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Giveaway:  Since the hero Rand’s life is closely related to a tea tray, I thought it would be fun to give away a tin of gourmet tea and imported tea cookies.  (US residents only)  Random winner will be drawn by 5:00 p.m. EST tomorrow so please be sure to leave your contact information.

Congrats to STACEY JO!! You’re the winner of these tasty goodies. Sandra will be in touch!





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  1. Sandra Sookoo says:

    Thanks for having me on your blog today!

    1. Heather says:

      Thanks so much for being here today, Sandra! I love fairy tales too and yours looks awesome!

  2. Gena Robertson says:

    I’m a fan of fairy tales too! Life sure doesn’t give us many HEA’s so I do adora a book that does! This book sounds fun and lovely – I’d love to read it! And the giveaway is a perfect compliment to such a great read!
    I’ve become a fan of both of you ladies, as you are both new to me, and I’m so glad I found you!

    Happy Holidays!

    Gena Robertson

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      Thanks Gena! 🙂

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    This sounds great…and love the cover, too! Just have to read this one.

    1. Sandra Sookoo says:

      Thanks Leanna. I love the cover too 🙂

  4. Cathryn Leigh says:

    I too love the fariy tale and have Hans Chrsitian Anderson on my book shelf, along with at least one Grim brother’s books. I think you put the finger on why I love them too. Sure you know there’s a happy ending, but it’s the journey and how it affects them that counts.

    :} Cathryn Leigh

    1. Sandra Sookoo says:

      Thanks Cathryn! I’m currently working on my 4th retelling. It seems I can’t stop LOL

  5. Stacey Jo says:

    Thank you for the interview and for sharing :0) I Love a good fairytale. Cannotwait to read this <3

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