Holiday Prep

I’ve been busy with writing related things and Christmas has officially snuck up on me. Usually I’m done my Christmas shopping and shipping and planning in Nov. This year, it took me until yesterday to get the last package in the mail. What does that mean? My niece probably won’t have her gift under the tree. 🙁 I’m a terrible aunty.

This year should have been easier for planning and stress of the holidays. See, we normally travel home to Canada for the holidays, but this year we’re staying home. No travel = no stress, right? Wrong. Now I just feel the pressure to make sure that the holiday we have here with our family is great. I don’t want us to feel sad that we didn’t go home to be surrounded by family. Which means, I need to be the one that brings the traditions to our house instead of leaving that up to my mum and mother-in-law. Now it’s my stress!!

Now that the gifts are bought (a few even wrapped!) it’s time to focus on food! This year I’m planning on a turkey dinner —’cause I’ve been seriously craving one since Thanksgiving. And I’m planning on making our favorite Christmas lunch for after the presents are open. And I’m debating about making some of our most favorite holiday treats. My mother-in-law is the queen of holiday baking, but a few years ago she passed on a few of her recipes to me. I wonder if I can do them justice?

So, what holiday prep do you still have left to accomplish before the holiday season is upon us? Are you already planning your meals and baking?


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