Deadlines and Milestones


Last week was a busy one for me. Aside from my usual mum/wife duties, I also had a couple of play dates scheduled for my kids, I was class mom at my daughters school Wednesday morning and then that night we had a huge event to go to with my husband’s work. We didn’t get home that night until after one am. That’s not nearly enough sleep for someone who has to get up and get kids ready for school at seven the next morning. But that’s not all I was busy with. Oh no!

I also received my first ever professional edits for my soon-to-be published novella Love and Lattes last Monday! Very exciting and nerve-wracking. I was eager to get my edits to see what would need fixing, but I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be comfortable with the edits, or that I wouldn’t have it in me to make the change, or *eekk!* that I wouldn’t be able to complete them by the one-week deadline given to me. It was a very good lesson in multi-tasking for sure!

I’m happy to say that I met my first ever professional writing deadline and a couple of days early no less. I can’t help but feel like I’ve achieved some kind of milestone. It feels pretty damn good.

What was your first editing deadline like?


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