Ask An Author!

If you could ask an author any question, what would it be?

Would you want to know serious stuff about the industry, business, and craft of writing? How they first got their start? How they snagged an agent? Their first sale? How they keep their writing fresh and interesting?

Would you rather ask silly stuff, like, whether they prefer potato chips or chocolate? Early-bird or night-owl writer? Bubble gum or breath mints? Boxers or briefs? *kidding!*

I want to know what you want to know, so leave me comment with your question. Maybe, just maybe you’ll see your question answered by an author in the future right here on this very blog. Cool, right? Come on…that’s awesome! You ask and I’ll try to find an author to answer! Sweetness.

Authors—what questions do you *wish* readers would ask?


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  1. Taryn Kincaid says:

    My questions: How do you manage to compartmentalize all the things you need to do to balance the business of publishing with the art and craft of writing? How do you maintain balance?

    When I think back, I really wish I’d been more willing to listen to those boring industry insights. Just wasn’t ready to hear those things.

  2. Shoshanna Evers says:

    I like to find out how authors are doing whatever it is I’m in the process of doing at that moment. For example, lately I’ve been asking everyone how they got their literary agent and how that’s working out for them!

  3. Janet Walters says:

    I’ve been asked so many questions and have asked a few myself. I remember asking a fellow writer about something one of her characters said to another character. The first character said I’ll tell you why later.” She never did. That bothered me for weeks. When she put out a new edition of the book she answered the question. All it took was a sentence.

  4. Laura Kaye says:

    I tend to be less interested in the cutesy questions, although one or two to break the ice or tie up the interview is okay. I enjoy stories of how writers get started, how their ideas come to them, what they do to create effective worldbuilding, how they got their agent (even if their path wasn’t replicable, I always find the story interesting), challenges they’ve encountered in their writing career and how they overcame them, etc. Good topic! 🙂

  5. hthurmeier says:

    Thanks everyone for the great questions! Keep ’em coming!!

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