Ask an Author: Shoshanna Evers-How She Balances it All

Hi everyone! *Waves* Welcome to my first ever Ask an Author. Woot! Hopefully I’ll convince a few more writer friends to come and share their wisdom here with all of us in the upcoming months. Until then, you are welcome to submit questions to me either in the comment section or by emailing me at hthurmeier@gmail.com. Maybe I’ll use one of your questions in my next Ask an Author interview!

Heather: Today I’d like to welcome the very talented Shoshanna Evers to my blog! Shoshanna is a multi-published author with three books currently available at Ellora’s Cave and a few more already scheduled to be released later this year with The Wild Rose Press and Berkley. Not to mention, in her real life she’s also a wife, mother and nurse. Yikes! She’s a busy girl.

Where do you find your ideas and inspiration?

Shoshanna: I’m not sure. All I know is I’ll be doing something mundane, like the dishes, or taking a shower, or drifting off to sleep, and I’ll suddenly think “I have *got* to write this idea down before I forget it!”

Heather: Hmm, I think the only ideas that come to me while washing dishes is trying to figure out how I can possibly get out of having to wash dishes. They don’t usually involve hunky movie stars like your Mark Cannon. Maybe I should try your dish soap?

How much ‘research’ do you have to do before writing one of your novels? 😉

Shoshanna: Oh tons. I’m exhausted. LOL! Seriously though I just have a really active imagination. A dirty, dirty imagination.

Heather: Your readers thank you for that dirty, dirty imagination of yours! Seriously. Thank you.

How do you balance all the difference pieces involved in writing? It seems like often times authors are caught between editing one project for an editor while promoting another and still trying to find time to write something new. Oh, and real life too! How do you balance it all?

Shoshanna: I do promo like blogging, website updates, Yahoo loops, Facebook and Twitter during the day while I take care of my son. Mornings are filled with appointments and playdates, that sort of thing. Then I do the actual work at night when he goes to sleep. If I have edits I focus on those because I have a hard time writing something new and editing something old at the same time. If I’m in-between edits I write something new. Sometimes I get distracted, put a story away half-finished, and start something different. Even still I manage to write quite a bit and complete quite a bit.

Heather: You must be very busy!

What quality do you love most about your hero and heroine?

Shoshanna: Well, in Hollywood Spank, Andrea is very ambitious, but she also lets herself be vulnerable with Mark Cannon, the Hero. I love his vulnerability too. And the fact that he’s a spanko 😉

Heather: Spanko, huh? That sounds hot.

The most important question of them all—what’s your go-to snack while writing?

Shoshanna: I never eat while I’m actually writing since I type with both hands, but I reward myself with breaks where I drink coffee and eat cookies. I call it cookie o’clock. Nom nom nom.

Heather: I need to get one of your snack clocks! Yum.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, Shoshanna! Congratulations on your newest release.

To read the blurb for Hollywood Spank, click here.

To read the sizzling hot excerpt, click here.

Thanks for having me on your blog, Heather! I’ll check back for comments, so say hi! 🙂

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  1. Shoshanna Evers says:

    Thanks for having me Heather!

    I’ll be stopping by throughout the day to check for comments.

    First, I must go run errands. It’s a glamorous life, I know 🙂

  2. Tara Stearns says:

    Excellent interview! I have to agree with Heather on the dishwashing – not really thinking of anything but being done. I think most of my ideas come to me while I am driving.

    I’ve read the excerpt like three times already! That’s it, I need to go download Hollywood Spank right now!

  3. charmainegordon says:

    Delightful, you two. What fun to read about a friendly chat-writing, cookies, getting the job accomplished while taking care of family. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

  4. Wendy S. Marcus says:

    Hi Heather! (Waves back)
    Hi Shoshanna!

    Great debut interview! The fact that I type with two hands doesn’t stop me from snacking! In fact the more I’m on a roll, the more I want to munch. But I try not to let myself. Instead I reward myself with one dark chocolate nugget a day. (Sometimes 2 if I’m extra special good.)

    And I would not have wanted to do the reach for your ginger figging book. There are some instances where an active imagination will have to do!!!

  5. Wendy S. Marcus says:

    Okay. That should be research. My glasses are in the other room.

  6. Shoshanna Evers says:

    Thanks Tara! I hope you like Hollywood Spank!

    Thanks Charmaine!

    Thanks Wendy! You should have seen my computer page history when I was researching Ginger Snap. I’m probably on some sort of government watch list now, LOL

    1. Heather Thurmeier says:

      Hey, Shoshanna! Thanks so much for being on my blog today!! I loved your interview answers! And thank you to everyone who came by today and commented. You all rock!

  7. Janet Walters says:

    Great interview. I’ve read one of her books and found it great fun.

  8. Shoshanna Evers says:

    Thanks Janet!!

  9. Jennifer Probst says:

    HI Guys! I know I’m late but this was a great interview – very warm and chatty, really liked it. Shoshanna, you inspire me with your productivity and having a little one. I can’t seem to keep up – congrats on the new book!

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