Day 1 is Done. Whew.

Day one of NaNoWriMo is coming to a close. I had a more successful day than I thought I would. I managed an outstanding (in my opinion) 5057 words! I was aiming for 2000-2500 so this extra today gives me a little buffer which I’m sure I’ll need another day. I have to say achieving that 5K was easier than I anticipated it would be, but I’m sure that’s just part of the initial high of starting something new. Words just seemed to be flowing today. I’m sure I’ll have days where reaching 500 will be challenge and then hopefully these big days will make up for the little ones.

I don’t think I’m starting to ramble, so that must mean it’s time for me to hit the sack. It’s time to crawl under the nice cozy covers and read someone else’s book for a little while. Tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to get another 2K counted. That would be sweet.

So how did you do today? And I’m not just talking to my fellow crazy wrimos. All of you out there working on your next great literary masterpiece. How was your day? Did you meet your goals? Did you surpass them? Did you fall a little short but still move forward? I hope you all did well.

Alrighty, I’m fading fast. Night peeps. See you tomorrow. Wish me a successful day two and a here’s to a successful day to you in your writing adventure. Cheers!


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  1. Shoshanna Evers says:

    Whoo hoo! I *love* the feeling of writing without feeling the urge to delete and rewrite something better. I got 4500 words yesterday before I went to bed. My goal today is 3K. Let’s go NaNo, LET’S GO!

  2. Janet Walters says:

    You go, girl. Sounds like you’re off to a flying start. Keep up the good work,

  3. jennifer121 says:

    I didn’t know you were in this too! You need to be my buddy – but I am having a horrible time at the website – it just doesn’t load so I’m not sure what’s going on. As for me I completed the big 3,000 – hooray!! On the days I work I won’t be able to get as much done – but the journey is what counts! Off to do more pages in anticipation of getting ahead tomorrow – let’s go ladies!!!

    1. hthurmeier says:

      Thanks the encouragement ladies! I’m having a lot more fun with NaNo than I expected and my story is coming along well!

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