Kidlish (like English, but not;)

Before I had children of my own, I would hear Mums and Dads talk to their kids in what I’ll call ‘kidlish’ and I never understood why they did it. Why say, “Ba-ba” when you could just as easily say “Bottle?” It sounded so ridiculous to hear them ask their little one, “Do you want your ba-ba?” ‘No’ I’d think to myself, he wants his BOTTLE! I always though those parents were just teaching their kids to speak badly and they were just being lazy. Then I became a parent.

It’s funny how our perceptions change when we become the ones in the situation. Now I regularly use kidlish to communicate with my 2.5 year old. Why? Because I’m lazy! And a lot of times it’s just easier to say it their way instead of wasting the energy trying to get them to say it correctly. I know there are probably some of you saying right now that you will not do that with your children. Maybe you won’t, but I suspect you will!

Kidlish is kinda like everything else concerning parenting and children. I believe there is one universal, central rule that every parent (regardless of parenting style) will agree on. It’s cuter when it’s your kid! Kidlish is a classic example of that rule. It’s not annoying or silly to hear them say words in their own little way. Hell no! It’s damn cute when your precious little baby finds her voice and asks you for a “ba-ba.” Then you look at her with a new twinkle in your eye, “Did you just say ba-ba? Do you want your ba-ba? Baby wants her ba-ba, what a little cutie you are! Here you go sweetie!!” And the damage is done. From then on, the bottle will forever be known in your head and heart as a ba-ba.

Here is one that is in my heart for all eternity. It’s my favorite by far. M’s word for naked time is ‘Nah-nies’. She is one of those kids that just loves naked time and we usually let her run around for a bit before and after bath time. But before she could really ask for that, she started saying “Me nah-nies!” when we would strip her down for the bath. Then she would pat her belly and take off down the hall. And of course we thought it was the cutest thing on earth! So for the last year and a half or so, it’s been nah-nies time. And if it’s not bad enough that one child says it, now we say it to K too so she is bound inherit that term.

Now that I’m a parent, I guess I feel differently about these things. Now I don’t find it annoying to hear mine or other peoples children use kidlish. Now I find it cute and endearing. I guess I’ve realized that they grow up so fast and that soon they will use proper words, so why not enjoy their sweet little language while you can?


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  1. reagan says:

    I totally agree!…My kid will go into kindergarten walking and talking just like every other kid so I’m not stressing about all those little things. I just want to enjoy them! And, now that I’m a mom I will never judge another mom for what they do. Because when it’s your kid you’ll do whatever works and whatever makes your precious little one happy. I hope I get to hear some of Kate and Meghan’s kidlish this summer!

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