In Their Eyes

In your childs’ eyes you can see a myriad of emotions. One moment it’s love and comfort as you cuddle them on the couch and watch cartoons. Another time it’s curiosity as your baby memorizes the fine details of your face. And yet other times it’s sadness as they bumped their head or miss Dad because he’s at work. Then there is one other special time when you see great emotion pass through your childs eyes. It’s a time you couldn’t possible have imagined when you signed up to be a parent. A closeness. A bond that can only happen between a parent and their child. One moment with such raw emotion that you can’t help but understand exactly what your little one is feeling. That’s when you’re looking into the eyes of poopies!

Yep, poopies. There is nothing quite like helping your child learn to go potty. There is a closeness that forms between you and your child that you never thought you would share with anyone. It’s great when your child learns to go potty, but it comes with a lot of work. You have to show them how to pull down their pants, how to sit on the little potty, and how to wipe. Then one day they will graduate to the big potty. And if they are anything like my little pooper, they will want your help the first dozen or so times they sit on it. Their bums are just so little that they feel like they are going to fall into the potty. So you have to hold them on there. That’s not so bad when it’s just pee-pees, but when it’s poopies, well that’s a different story. There’s just nothing like holding your little one around the hips, while squatting in front of the toilet, and staring directly into their eyes as they poop. It’s a special kinda moment! When you see their eyes squint just a little, then kind of glaze over with a look of intense concentration, and finally get a little red around the edges while a quiet, “ugh,” escapes their lips, that’s when you know that being a parent is so much more than you ever expected.


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