Have you got your JAMS on?

I’ll preface this post by declaring I AM NOT A NAIL PERSON! I’m not one of those girls who goes to the salon on a regular basis and gets my nails done. I’ve done it a couple of times in the past, but I don’t care for it. I hate sitting around waiting for my turn, I never know what color to pick, never have long enough nails to bother with a french manicure, and after spending $$ to get my nails painted, they smear or chip before I even get to the car. It’s super annoying!

So I don’t do my nails. Or at least, I didn’t…

Ever heard of Jamberry Nails?

Until very recently, I hadn’t. Then a friend of mine threw a party. You know the kind—for makeup, or tupperwear, or jewelry, or s3xy toys. Nope. I’m not kidding about that last one! They exist…

But this party was for nails. Jamberry Nail Wraps to be specific. I’d never heard of them, but they sounded interesting so I figured I’d give them a little look—no commitment or promises on my part. They were nail stuff, after all. And then I lost an hour on the website checking out all the cool designs! I was sold. Or hooked, or addicted. Whatever you want to call it, I needed some Jams, STAT!

How can you not LOVE these designs?!


Mix ’em and Match ’em! Jams look great in all kinds of combos!

Jams are basically stickers you warm up and press onto your nails, then you give them a quick trim and file and they are done. FOR 2 WEEKS!!!  For 2 glorious weeks (4 weeks on toes) you don’t have to worry about chipping, smearing, wear and tear… nothing! Just put on your Jams and enjoy pretty, no-maintenance nails. Nope. Not kidding!

So why bother with Jamberry Nails? As a person who is not into nails, I can tell you, these made me a nail person.

  • Chip-free!
  • Smudge-free!
  • Non-toxic!
  • Safe for kids too!
  • Easy, fast application.
  • Lasts 2 weeks on fingers, 4-6 on toes. (No more chipped ugly nails halfway through my beach vacation!)
  • Easy to remove without chemical remover! Simple olive oil or lemon juice will do the trick!
  • Each $15 sheet of nail wraps does 2 manis, 2 pedis plus extra accent nails! Come on. How much would that cost at the salon?

Ready to give Jams a try? You’re in luck!! This Sunday Dec 14 thru Thursday Dec 18th I’m hosting a Jamberry Party on Facebook! You can stop by for more info, pics of the product, games, fun, and maybe even a giveaway! And you can do it all from the comfort of your couch in your PaJAMmies! Get it? I know… Or if you don’t want to stop by the party, you can go directly to the website to check out all the great designs and place an order. Even better, once your order is placed, it’s processed—no waiting around for the party end!

Check out my Facebook Party Here:  PaJAMa Party Time!!

Or go directly to my consultant Gina’s Jamberry website to place your order here:  Party Website!

**Make sure you Choose “Jammies and Jamberry with Heather!” upon checkout!

And I hope you’ll send me pics of your pretty Jamicures once you buy and try these out!



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