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Trick or Treating is the best thing about Halloween. I loved it as a kid and I still love it as an adult. Taking my kids around the neighborhood is something I look forward to each year. Of course, if you think about it too much, there’s something so weird about allowing our kids to go to strangers’ houses and ask for candy. LOL. But I love walking around, seeing friends, chatting with neighbors and seeing all the lights and decorations lit up at night!

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And while you’re here, check out this little teaser treat from my newest Entangled release which is part of the Lovestruck line!

“Don’t look at me like that.” He leaned his head back and looked up at the ceiling, sighing loudly.

“Like what?” she asked, genuinely confused. He was full of demands tonight. He could be pretty demanding in bed, too. Lava pooled deep inside her at the thought. Her head spun again, but not from the alcohol this time.

“Like you’re thinking about us together.” His voice was edged with tension.

She laughed, heat rushing to her cheeks. She hadn’t meant to look at him like that, but his accusation was correct. “We are together…in this elevator.”

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it,” he said. He met her gaze. She saw fire in his eyes. But not from anger or annoyance. Fire from passion she hadn’t seen in a year. Fire that had always preceded their best nights together.


She bit her lower lip.

“Bite your lip like that again, and I’ll bite it for you.” He crossed the short distance between them, his gaze never leaving hers. He didn’t touch her, but his eyes made her feel as if his hands were on her in a thousand spots at once.

Seeing that passion in him again sparked something deep and primal inside of her. It didn’t matter that they didn’t want the same things in the future when he looked at her with that expression. It didn’t matter that their fake relationship came with an expiration date. The only thing that mattered right now was the way Cole made her feel— alive.

She hadn’t realized she’d been missing something since they’d broken up. But right here, right now, with Cole, she felt it again. She felt whole. And she wanted to hold on to that feeling for as long as she could, regardless of the price she’d have to pay later.

Tonight, she didn’t want to think about her future, or lack of future, with Cole. Tonight she only wanted to feel his arms around her, his lips on her body, his tongue tasting her.

She licked her lips, then pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and bit down gently, never taking her eyes off him. He leaned toward her, bracing one hand against the elevator wall.

“Now’s not a good time to push the limits with me.” He nudged her chin up with his free hand. “We made a deal. You made me promise. And now you’re deliberately teasing me. That’s not very nice.” His lips hovered above hers but stopped short of kissing her.


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  1. Mai Tran says:

    My favorite thing about Halloween is watching people trying their best to be someone/something they’re not.

  2. VeronikaDream says:

    I love the decorations the most and Halloween candy! 🙂

  3. rhireading says:

    I love costuming so planning and making and then dressing up is always a blast. 😀

  4. Mary Roya says:

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the lights, costumes and the energy it produces. .

  5. Lola Karns says:

    I love Halloween especially when I can see creativity on display. My mom sews costumes for my kids based on their designs (because who can buy a red panda costume). Seeing their collaboration on the designs makes me proud to know them. Last year I saw a light up robot made out of cardboard boxes and a group of teens decked out in elaborate homemade costumes collecting cans for the local food bank – what a great way to extend the fun.

  6. ladymagnolia99 says:

    I enjoy the cooler weather coming in and the little children in their costumes trick or treating.

    Judy Cox

  7. Lisa Walker says:

    My favorite thing about Halloween is taking my kids trick or treating.

  8. Heather McCollum says:

    I love the cool, crisp weather, colored leaves and pumpkins. Fall is my absolute favorite season and Halloween is so much fun with the costumes.

  9. BookAttict says:

    Halloween is definitely ALL about the candy!!

    Happy Halloween and thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  10. Barrie Mac (@BooksForMe2) says:

    I love seeing what the kids’ are dressed like. They have so much fun and the are so cute!

  11. bn100 says:

    the candy

  12. Heather B says:

    My favorite part about halloween is seeing all the homemade costumes, I love seeing all the creativity!

  13. Joseph Hawkshaw says:

    Love to see the different kinds of costumes

  14. monacpete says:

    The trick or treaters

  15. Natasha says:

    I love decorating and the candy!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. JanD says:

    I love the costumes.

  17. Trix says:

    I like the costumes best!

  18. Daniel M says:

    watching all the scary movies!

  19. Molly Mortensen says:

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the costumes, and pumpkins! Thanks!

  20. Theresa Ann Fischer says:

    All the chocolate!!

  21. Kassiah says:

    I love so many things about Halloween, but especially the treats!

  22. Janie McGaugh says:

    My favorite thing about Halloween is giving out candy to the cute little kids.

  23. amy bowens says:

    The decorating

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