Ode to…

Every night I fall asleep knowing you’ll be there for me the next day.

Dawn breaks and sunlight streams in my windows.

The kids come in for their morning cuddles. Wiggling, chatting bodies wake me far earlier than I want.

And yet, I know you’re there too, waiting, ready, supportive.

You call me from my slumber, tell me it’s time to rise.

And as I begin my day, it’s you I turn to.

You surround me with warmth.

You are bold, yet sweet.

You encourage me to go on when I want to stop.

You fill me with energy.

You are the bringer of ideas. My sounding board. My creative counterpart.

It’s you I want the moments when I just need to sit and contemplate.

You are my strength when I am weak.

You are my rock.

Oh, coffee, how I love you so.


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