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Today I’m thrilled to welcome fellow Crimson Romance author Melinda Dozier to my blog. Her new book, Breaking the Rules, is out and I’m in love with the cover. Oh and the story sounds fantastic too! Check it out!


A forbidden love affair in the past has led Hope Robinson, a middle school principal, to Harbor Bay, Florida, where she commits herself to play by the rules. This can be difficult for a perpetual klutz, who—even strapped in a cast—has to uphold a competent attitude at all times.

Luckily, she has Dr. Colin Calaway on her side, a widower and father of a student, who is ready to give love another try. When Colin convinces Hope they should explore the connection between them, a steamy romance develops, though it could destroy them both. They must decide if their jobs—and their hearts—are worth the risk.

Please give Melinda a warm welcome!


Hi Heather, thanks for having me today! It’s a pleasure to be at your blog!

Writing Questions:

How do you come up with your novel ideas? Most of my ideas have come to me in dreams. I’ve even been known to pop up in bed in the middle of the night, grab my iPad and type away (and it’s such a pain to use that keyboard). If I don’t get the ideas down, I’ll forget them!

What is your favorite part about writing romance? I’ve been reading romance for decades (Yes! Decades!) and I love the fact that now I’m writing and publishing works that I would read.

What qualities do you love most in heroes? I’m fond of Alpha males, but have been known to enjoy Beta males, too. In fact, I’m writing a Beta right now.  Also, I love a family man, like Colin in Breaking the Rules. There’s just something so sexy about a man who’d do anything for his family.

What qualities do you love most in heroines? I really like heroines to be sassy and confident. Oh, and sarcasm is a hoot!

How much research do you do before you write your novels? It all depends on the story. For Breaking the Rules, I had to research about broken bones because I’ve never broken any (knock on wood) and Hope suffers from a “klutzy” gene. For my latest novella, I had a lot of fun researching the Olympics and snowboarders. Today I had to look up swear words in Swiss-German. Gopfertami!

Fun Questions:

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why? Ha! I’d probably say back to the US. I’m an ex-pat living in Central America, but I go through US withdrawals often. I’d love to move back to Florida or New Mexico and retire there.

If a book is also a movie, do you read the book and watch the movie? Which comes first if you do both? I’m a middle school teacher and I always tell my students that the book is better than the movie. I truly believe it. The book MUST come first! This coming year/next year I’m looking forward to more of The Hobbit, Divergent and Catching Fire!

What is one item you would want if you were stuck on an uninhabited island?  I couldn’t live without reading, so I’d say my Kindle with solar power? Does that even exist? Let’s pretend it does. I’ve got to read!

Favorite guilty pleasure? I’ve been known as a Twitter addict. I also LOVE The Bachelor (and yes, Heather, I read your books because of it). I’ve even gotten my hubby attached to watching the reality series, but he would never admit it. He’ll come home and ask, “So, what’s happened with Desiree and Drew?” LOL!

Thanks so much for the fun interview! It’s been a blast! I’d love to know what guilty pleasures our readers have. Leave a comment below!




Crimson Website: http://www.crimsonromance.com/upcoming-releases-romance-ebook/breaking-the-rules/

Blog: http://melindadozier.blogspot.com

Website: www.melindadozier.com

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4A_ow8MRw1M



Melinda Dozier lives in Guatemala, Central America, with her husband, three boys and German Shepherd.  She enjoys being the queen of her household and dreams of being pampered fully by her boys once they’re grown. Learn more about her at www.melindadozier.com.

You can also find Melinda on twitter at www.twitter.com/melindadozier or Facebook at www.facebook.com/melindadoz



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  1. Eileen says:

    Nice video and cover. Love your answer to books/movies. I keep telling myself that and I always hope the book would be so close to the book but it never is. ex: Time Traveler’s Wife and Safe Haven. Doesn’t stop me from watching them!
    Congrats on the new book and I wish you much success.

    1. Melinda Dozier (@MelindaDozier) says:

      Totally agree, Eileen! I loved reading Time Traveler’s Wife, but the movie didnt do it for me. Thanks!

  2. Melinda Dozier (@MelindaDozier) says:

    Thanks for having me today, Heather!

    1. Heather says:

      Thank you so much for being here, Melinda!

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