Lost Without You — Sneak Peek!

Lost Without You is almost here! But you can pre-order now and have it automatically delivered to your kindle on the day of release! How cool is that? So here’s a sneak peek for my faithful blog followers!

“I’m gonna cook you up something real nice, baby. It’ll be like our first date, out here, in the wild… It might even make you want to get a little wild yourself.” He walked off with a wink and she burst out laughing, climbing down from the tree stump she’d been perched on while hosting. He was too much.

“Do girls actually fall for lines like that where you come from?” she asked him.
He turned back toward her. “Their panties certainly do.”

Zoe felt her cheeks burn at his words as he walked off into the woods after the rest of

his team. Her panties weren’t dropping for him because of one meal…or for any other reason actually. Maybe Rick was more of a player than she’d realized when she’d started her “harmless” flirting with him.

She glanced over to where Chip stood, well within hearing range of that little conversation. He looked as if he was studying a production clipboard, but if the expression on his face was any indication, he was rather pissed at a production note.

More likely, he’d just heard Rick’s comments too. And if she wasn’t mistaken, he seemed more turned off by them than even she was.

“Everything okay, Chip?” she asked, hoping she sounded casual.

“Fine. Why?” he asked, not meeting her gaze.

“You seem a little annoyed at your clipboard.”

“I’m fine, Zoe. Nothing to worry about, just a little hiccup in the production schedule to work out on the fly.” He scribbled a few notes in the margin then handed it back to one of the assistants. He pushed his hands into his pockets as if they were hanging out, waiting for a movie to start instead of standing in the middle of the woods waiting for teams to return.

Maybe he hadn’t overheard Rick’s comments. Or maybe he had and he didn’t care if she flirted with a contestant. Hell, he would probably encourage it. He’d probably say it was good for ratings for Zoe to hook up with Rick, what with the drama and spectacle it would certainly cause.

“While we have a second, I should point out that I do think it would be best not to fraternize with the contestants so much,” he said, turning to face her straight on and finally meeting her gaze. “You do remember how that all worked out for Cassidy on The One, don’t you?”

Was that a threat?

“Of course I do. I was there for your big scandalous reveal at the finale.”

“Then you should already know that a crewmember getting involved with a cast member usually isn’t the best idea.”

“Well that’s good, because I have no intentions of shacking up with Rick. It’s a little harmless flirting.”

Chip crossed his arms. If she wasn’t mistaken, he almost looked a little jealous. Maybe there was more behind his warning than he let on.

“So talking about your panties is nothing to you then? Just casual, everyday flirting to you? Good to know.”

“I wasn’t talking about my panties, he was.”

“Well that makes all the difference, now doesn’t it?”

Zoe felt her pulse race as she took a step closer to Chip. “Listen, I don’t know what’s gotten your panties all in a bunch, but mine are fine—” Her voice strained as the heat passing between them spiked at the mention of her panties.

Her chest heaved as she struggled to talk around her hitched breathing.


She swallowed, her throat feeling dry. “And I don’t plan on dropping them for anyone any time soon. Got it?” she finished, her voice stronger than it had been but still rather pathetic and unconvincing.

He smiled, letting his gaze flicker down to the area in danger of “droppage” for a moment before meeting her eyes again. “Now that sounds like a challenge if I ever heard one,” he said quietly.

She suddenly felt the panties in question moisten under his gaze.

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