K is for Kids

It can be a real challenge to start a writing career when you have kids. Especially little kids who are still at home with you all the time. When I started

writing my first book (FALLING FOR YOU) my youngest was only just 2 and a half. I was only able to write a couple of house a week when she went to a preschool program and my older one was at school. Or when I left them both at home with hubs or a babysitter so I could sneak out to write at the local coffee shop for a bit.

Now that they’re older, it’s usually easier to get my writing done each week. They are both in school full time so I write while they are there. Then when they’re home, it’s time to be mom again. Most of the time the transition is pretty easy for me. But every now and then I’m in the middle of a great scene and I have to leave to get the kids from school. When I get them back home it’s really hard not to go back to my scene and keep writing. Sometimes I find myself trying to get those last few sentences or paragraphs down while also helping with homework, doing laundry or cooking dinner.

But I love my kids and I love to write, so I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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  1. Eileen says:

    Once kids are in your life you have to learn to juggle. It does make it easier once they are in school and there is some time to yourself. Enjoy the time with them now. It is another adjustment when you become an empty nester.

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