A is for Alliances!

Hey all! I’m super excited to be doing this A-Z Challenge for the month of April. Every day (except Sundays) I’ll be posting something correlating to a letter of the alphabet. Today is April 1st so our letter of the day is A!!!

(Anyone else feel like they’re on a kid’s show?)

Today is all about alliances! In my reality TV romances, alliances play a role in the second — STUCK ON YOU — more than any other book in the series. Two of my teams have to pair up and work together to find GPS caches so they can *hopefully* win the whole game. But when Paige and Miles start working closely together, they end up getting a lot more than just an alliance.

“Never could resist a pretty brunette in heels, could you?” Ben laughed and rolled over. “Just don’t let it screw up our partnership with them. On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t make an alliance with them if you’re starting to fool around with Paige. It could complicate things more than it’s worth.”

“It was one kiss, not a complication.”

“Still. Maybe we’re better off on our own.”

Miles glanced over to Ben. What was the right decision for their team? Working with

the girls could lead to complications, especially if he had to watch Paige in those heels and yoga tops everyday. But the girls were also pretty stubborn and that might be just what they needed to get enough caches to win.

Not to mention, the thought of Paige falling down another hill without anyone to rescue her but Zoe made him break out in a cold sweat. What if something worse happened and he wasn’t there to help?

That settled it.

“An alliance with the girls is our best option right now if we really want a chance to win. Even if we only pair up with them long enough to collect most of the caches they’ve already gotten, it will be worth it for the points alone. After that point, we can reevaluate the situation.”

“I’ll give it another day, but if working with the girls holds us back in any way, we’re on our own again.”

“Deal,” he agreed reluctantly.

It really was the only option. That way he could get Ben closer to winning. Miles could already see the spark of excitement coming back to Ben. If they won, it would be all it took to make Ben realize how much he’d missed having a little more adventure in his life.

And if he got to flirt with Paige a little more along the way, that was pretty okay too.

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  1. bridget whelan says:

    Thanks for the sample from your novel…wondering what kind of reality competition they are involved in and if the kiss was seen by everyone. This is my first time doing the A to Z challenge and yep, it does feel a bit like a children’s game, in a good way!

  2. Bames says:

    Thank you for that snippet. I will definitely put your books on my to-read list soon. 🙂

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