Cassidy Quinn — Real vs Fictional!

My Cassidy looks just like the girl on the cover!

Last week, an interesting thing happened. My main character from FALLING FOR YOU — Cassidy Quinn — started following me on twitter. Imagine my surprise! Of course, it turns out the Cassidy Quinn who followed me wasn’t actually my Cassy… She was in fact, the REAL Cassidy! Crazy! Even crazier, she told me she was also on an online reality show. Say what now? I then asked the only thing I could ask, was she also dating an Evan Burke?? The answer was no. Could you imagine if she’d said yes?!?! But she did say that her boyfriend is her cameraman for her online video blogs. So cool! You can check them out on her website at… CassidyQuinn.com … Of course! What else would her website be called! LOL.

The REAL Cassidy! They don’t look that different, do they?!

After learning about these similarities, I couldn’t resist asking the Real Cassidy to do an interview with the Fictional Cassidy. And who better to conduct the interview, but our very own uber-sexy cameraman Evan. He’s getting a treat today with a double dose of Cassidy Quinn awesomeness! So without further ado, let’s find out what the REAL Cassidy and the FICTIONAL Cassy have in common! I’m so exited!!


EVAN: Well, this is a nice surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure of not one, but two Cassidys?

CASSY: Get that look out of your eyes, Mr. Burke. You might get to interview both of us, but you’re only going home with one Mrs. Burke when this is over. Best keep those flirty looks to yourself.

EVAN: Jealous much?

CASSY: *gives Evan The Look*

EVAN: You know I can’t resist you when you give me that look…


EVAN AND CASSY: *smile and wave at Real Cassidy Quinn*

EVAN: Let’s get started, shall we? How about we get the easy stuff out of the way first and go over the basics. Hair color?

CASSY: Brown


EVAN: Eye color?

CASSY:  Jade green


EVAN: Where do you live?

CASSY: I used to live in NYC, but now I live with my charming, although sometimes too flirtatious, husband Evan.

REAL CASSIDY:  Boston (originally a Seattleite though – West coast, best coast!)

EVAN: What is your career or future career?

CASSY: I’m a banquet manager at the Grande Palace Hotel in Denver. I’ve been a fan of the hotel since filming the first challenge of The One there last year.

REAL CASSIDY: I am a video blogger/host and social media-er. Currently I’m the Director of Digital Creative & Social Media for Boloco, a restaurant chain based in Boston. On the side, I vlog on my YouTube channel (YouTube.com/CQBrett). So my career currently combines producing video, hosting video, and doing social media, and that’s what I hope it will always include!

EVAN: Wow, and I thought my Cassy was busy with her restaurant! You’ve got a lot going on! Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s find out if these two beautiful women have anything common. Tell me, ladies, what is your favorite food?

CASSY: If you watched The One, then you already know this — thin crust New York style pepperoni and pineapple pizza. Although I’d never turn down a chocolate croissant either.

REAL CASSIDY: Sushi! Or anything with lemon juice… or pasta…

EVAN: Lemon juice?? Interesting. And odd… Moving on. Alcoholic beverage?

CASSY: I guess my first choice would be champagne.

REAL CASSIDY: Margaritas!

HEATHER: I’m going to have to side with Real Cassidy on this one. Mmmm, frozen strawberry lime margaritas are the best! (Sorry, Cassy. Champagne is good too though…)

EVAN: Why am I not surprised by your love of champagne, Cassy? Maybe it was that bottle of champagne that disappeared the night before Paige went home…

CASSY: I couldn’t possibly remember what you’re referring to. I guess you should just move on, huh?

EVAN: Fine. We’ll let that one go. At least you don’t drink margaritas. I can only imagine what tequila would do to you… This one shouldn’t bother you as much, babe. Favorite non-alcoholic beverage?

CASSY: Water or maybe a soda.

REAL CASSIDY: Thai Iced Tea – random, I know

EVAN: Never even heard of that, but it sounds yummy.

CASSY: Actually, it sounds like something that Zoe would drink. She loved her sweet iced tea… I’ll try not to hold that against you, Real Cassidy.

EVAN: How about your favorite sport?

CASSY: Oh, I don’t play sports. Any sports. Me and sports don’t get along well. And I don’t watch them either. All that does is remind me about how much I suck at them.

REAL CASSIDY: To watch – NBA Basketball. To do – snowboarding!

CASSY: Sure, make me look bad why don’t you. I can barely stay on a horse and all I have to do is sit there. But the REAL Cassidy is so cool, she can snowboard… 

EVAN: Not everyone is good at sports, babe. Although most are good at simple tasks like walking and chewing gum at the same time. *dodges a pillow in the face* Favorite movie?

CASSY: Roman Holiday. I’m a sucker for a classic love story. *smiles at Evan*

REAL CASSIDY: Grease! Old school.

EVAN: Grease Lightning! Go, grease lightning! *ahem* We’re going to pretend I didn’t just know the words to a song from Grease.

CASSY: Let me guess, she can sing too? Ugh.

EVAN: She can actually! You should check out her Tweet Me Maybe video! Sorry, babe. Not everyone can sing. Favorite TV show?

CASSY: Friends. I know it’s old but I love it. And it reminds me of New York, even though the apartments they live in are so not real.

REAL CASSIDY: The Bachelor… Guilty pleasure.

HEATHER: A girl after my own reality TV lovin’ heart! The Bachelor is one of my favorites too!

CASSY: The One turned me off reality TV forever. I guarentee neither of you would like that show after being on one just like it. Right, Evan?

EVAN: I wouldn’t say I love those shows, but filming a bunch of women wandering around in bikinis and tight dresses all the time wasn’t the worst gig I’ve ever had. *sigh* I’m sleeping on the couch when I get home, aren’t I?  How about your favorite band?

CASSY: Anything but jazz. LOL. Really, I hate jazz. But I guess if I have to pick one favorite band, maybe it would be Black Eyed Peas.


EVAN: Book?

CASSY: Falling for You, of course. It is my story after all.


EVAN: Dessert?

CASSY: Anything chocolate.

REAL CASSIDY: Rhubarb pie – yummm

HEATHER: I’m going to have to go with my girl Cassy on this one. Anything chocolate is okay in my world!

CASSY: About time you sided with me on something.

EVAN: Favorite color?

CASSY: Blue.


HEATHER: Sparkly purple! Hey, I just want to be involved too…

EVAN: Favorite vacation spot or type?

CASSY: I haven’t really vacationed much, so I’m going to say anywhere tropical and warm. I’d love to lay on the beach, wiggle my toes in the sand and watch the sun set over the ocean.

REAL CASSIDY: Either in the sunshine (hanging on the beach and doing lots of active things), or on the mountain (snowboarding).

EVAN: Awesome answers, ladies. Seems you both love the sunshine. I love the sunshine too. Mostly because it leads to Cassy wearing her tiny hot pink bikini. Did I ever thank your sister Keira for forcing you to buy that? I should send her a card. And some vegan chocolates or something. How about a little bit of This or That: Coffee or tea?

CASSY: Chai Tea Latte


EVAN: Cook or delivery? 

CASSY: *laughs* Is this really a question for me? I have a drawer full of take-out menus. Definitely delivery.

REAL CASSIDY: Delivery… but I’m trying to get more into cooking.

EVAN: Clumsy or Surefooted?

CASSY: *rolls eyes.* Stop laughing, Evan. Was that a real question or one you just threw in there for my humiliation? *rolls eyes again* Clumsy.

REAL CASSIDY: Usually surefooted, but I do have my bouts of clumsiness.

EVAN: Chocolate or Vanilla?

CASSY: Chocolate.

REAL CASSDY: Chocolate – dark chocolate.

EVAN: Mac or PC?

CASSY: Mac laptop. It definitely has to be a laptop since I need to be able to rest on the couch and elevate whatever part of me I’ve hurt after my latest clumsiness.


EVAN: Edward or Jacob?

CASSY: Edward. *looks up at Evan through heavy lashes* There’s just something so sexy about a man who sparkles. LOL. And I’d rather have sleek and brooding over furry and drooling.

REAL CASSIDY: Ooh… Edward.

EVAN: Social butterfly or circle of trust?

CASSY: Circle of trust. I don’t exactly make friends easily as The One should have pointed out to all of America. Girls either like me or hate me. *shrugs*

REAL CASSIDY: Both. I love meeting a ton of people and having fun, but I still need a few close people to confide in!

EVAN: Cat or dog person?

CASSY: *bites bottom lip* Um, cats… I’m kidding! Don’t tell Aspen I said that or she’ll give me the sad puppy dog eyes for weeks!

REAL CASSIDY: Dogs, but small-ish dogs.

EVAN: Poor Aspen. She wouldn’t like either of your answers. Seems like you girls have a lot in common in the This or That categories! Very interesting! Finally, I have a few What If questions to ask you. These should be interesting! If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

CASSY: In a little cabin in the woods. *winks*

REAL CASSIDY: Ooh this is a tough question! I want to live everywhere at different points of my life… London, San Francisco, LA, Australia, Chicago…

EVAN: If you could be any animal what would it be?

CASSY: A cheetah because they are fast, surefooted, and agile.

REAL CASSIDY: A bird, because then I could fly around and go wherever I want to go and see beautiful sights.

EVAN: If a genie granted you one wish, what would it be?

CASSY: To wish for more wishes of course! I’m greedy that way. And I’d wish for Keira to move out to Denver because I miss her.

REAL CASSIDY: To have the power to stop time, so I could accomplish everything I want to, sleep as much as I need to, and visit my family as often as I want!

EVAN: Thank you to both of our lovely Cassidys for playing along and answering all of these questions! It was great fun to have you both here and to see just how similar  you are! And a huge thank you to the REAL CASSIDY QUINN for being such a great sport and agreeing to answer my questions. It was a pleasure to meet you!

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And if you haven’t met the FICTIONAL CASSIDY QUINN, you can do that by checking out her book FALLING FOR YOU, available now at the sites below in both print and digital formats!

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