Love or Luxury Now on NOOK!!

Love or Luxury is finally available on NOOK!!! 

Here’s the blurb incase you need a little refresher:

Rebecca’s life of luxury in Meadow Ridge is vanishing faster than the designer clothes from her closet–unless she finds someone to share her life and her rent.

When she meets Finn, the rugged, sexy motorcycle hunk, she thinks her luck has finally changed. There’s just one problem–he’s not from Meadow Ridge. Reid, her high school flame, comes back to town as the Meadow’s most eligible bachelor, with a tendency to spoil his girlfriends, and a gorgeous mansion–everything she’s always wanted.

Now Rebecca’s torn between Finn, the man who lives a simple life outside the Meadow and Reid, the man who can give her the life she’s always wanted.

You can also buy it at AMAZON and ALL ROMANCE


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