First Reviews for Falling for You!!

Hi everyone! Now that Falling for you is out in the world, the reviews are starting to trickle in! Check out this 5 star review from one of my advanced readers!!

Imagine finding yourself on a dating reality TV show and the Bachelor you’re supposed to fall in love with is the guy who trampled on your heart a few months ago. That’s exactly the situation Cassidy Quinn finds herself in.

Her sister generously submitted Cassidy’s name to the producers and Cassidy gets chosen to be on the show. After having her heart so recently trampled on, she’s looking for adventure not true love. That is until she turns around and finds herself falling into the deep blue eyes of one of the cameramen employed to follow their every move. Unfortunately fraternizing with the production crew is a big no-no.

Evan Burke looks at life through the camera lens, going from job to job having the odd fling as he goes. After seeing the pain his brother has experienced at the loss of his wife, Evan is determined to keep his heart locked away so he doesn’t suffer the same loss. What he didn’t expect to find his first day on the job was Cassidy – a woman who would end up testing his resolve to remain a carefree bachelor.

“Falling for You” is Heather Thurmeier’s first in a trilogy of reality show stories with Crimson Romance. It’s an enjoyable, well-written, fast paced read which has you laughing at Cassidy as she stumbles through the challenges presented to her on the show. Rolling your eyes at the catty Zoe as she tries to undermine Cassidy. Finally sighing at the sweet scenes that Evan and Cassidy share.

I highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of romance and reality shows.


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