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Today I have a special guest author visiting my blog. Denyse Cohen is a fellow Crimson Romance author. Without further babble from me, here’s Denyse!

A Writer’s Lookbook

Now that my first novel, One Hit Wonder, is out and I can shout to the world that I’m a published author I feel my work has just started. No, I’m not talking about studying the English grammar manuals and reading endless books about the craft of writing (which I still do.)

I’m talking about my “published author” wardrobe. I mean, a girl have to be prepared to present herself professionally should the occasion demand, right? Imagine how dreadful it’ll be if when asked what I do and I answer “I’m a writer,” people look me head to toe to see a shameful outfit that speaks more of college drop-out (which I’m certainly not) than “published author.”

Have I said “published author” enough? I’m still in shock. Please, bear with me.

While I wish I could wear Audrey’s (my kick-ass heroine from One Hit Wonder) preferred outfit all the time: Levi’s and biker boots, I know—as she does—that sometimes you have to let go of jeans and bring out the dresses and heels. She didn’t exactly wear heels when she asked John out (yes, she’s the one who did the asking) but a sexy halter dress.

While bringing out the sexy is not really a problem, right, girls? We all have it and we know how to use it.

Bringing out the professional without settling for tweed suits is more challenging, unless, of course, you have the few thousands of dollars to spend on a Gucci tailored suit, such as the one Frieda Pinto wore to Tribeca festival.

So, what is a “published author” —with a very limited budget— to do?

Only one answer: be creative! And bargain shopping—all right two answers.

What I sometimes do is go to www.lookbook.nu to find inspiration, then go to my local discount stores in search of marked down treasures to mix and match until I have the perfect ensemble. I never rely on women’s magazines, for I think they’re very trendy oriented, which I think makes us look all the same.

What could be worse than looking like a college drop-out? Looking exactly like the other “published author” right beside me.

Denyse Cohen is a Brazilian visual artist and writer living in South Carolina. Her debut novel, One Hit Wonder, was published in June by Crimson Romance.

Check out her blog www.denysecohen.com

Here’s a link for the first chapter excerpt: http://www.denysecohen.com/p/writings.html
To order it on Barnes&Nobles: http://bit.ly/M1DvQN
To order it on Amazon: http://amzn.to/J3f2vb
To order it on Itunes: http://bit.ly/L6h0Lh

Denyse Cohen
twitter: @denysecohen
My novel “One Hit Wonder” is available for pre-order through Amazon


Thank you so much, Denyse, for being a part of my blog!


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  1. denyse says:

    Thanks for having me, Heather.
    And so fun to talk clothes, too. Now I need to pick a stiletto. I’m thinking red like Frieda’s suit.

  2. Kristina Knight says:

    Fun interview, Heather & Denyse!

    I’m a mix-and-matcher, too. Denyse. But I do go overboard with my shoes – my husband is (finally) used to it. He just rolls his eyes when I get stuck in the Macy’s shoe department for hours on end…

  3. Heather says:

    What, you mean I can’t go out in my sweatpants and ponytail? Darn. I’ve recently decided that I should dress at least as well as my heroines do, hence my new stilettos! Thanks for being here today, Denyse!

  4. Irene Preston says:

    Hi Denyse –

    You are so original – I can’t imagine you ever showing up in in anything cookie-cutter. Me? I just hope I can get through breakfast without any new stains. Shameful. . . .so shameful.

    Thanks for the great posts and fashion tips!

  5. D'Ann Lindun says:

    Lucky for me, my heroines wear jeans, tees and boots! Like me!

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