Setting New Goals and Jogging Tunes

So I recently got the brilliant idea that I would set a new goal for myself to work on while both kids are at school three days a week. Jog the Couch to 5K program. Why, why do I do this to myself?

Because I’m a glutton for punishment of the most unpleasant kind?

No. I just want to be healthy.

Healthy blows.

Anyway, I started the program just about two weeks ago and I have been making myself go on the jog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning right after I drop the kids off at school. When I get up in the morning I get straight into workout clothes so I have no excuse not to go. I recruited a jogging partner since I’ve never really jogged outside before. I thought it would be good to have a little extra motivation and support.


Indiana Jones. Doggie Jones.


Too bad I picked Doggie Jones to be my partner.

He’s a little on the lazy side. He gets tired running around our yard for a whopping 5 minutes with the kids. If there’s anyone in the house who needs to exercise more, it’s him. (And hubs, but he’s very busy with work. His exercise is walking from meeting to meeting and running through airport terminals to catch flights.)




So Jones sucks as a workout partner. At least once on our 30 minute jog/walk C25K program, he’ll do the following…each of the following:

-Pee on a bush.

-Pee on a rock.

-Pee on a leaf laying in the road.

-Get distracted by a squirrel/chipmunk/worm/or butterfly.

-Stop to do #2 (at which point I have to stop to pick up #2 in a baggie and then run with it in my pocket the rest of the trip. Ew. Thanks for that.)

-Lag behind while I jog.

-Cross the street while I jog and trip me.

-Lag behind AND cross the street behind me, therefore throwing me off my stride, thus almost causing me to take a header into the bushes that Jones peed on earlier.

-Look at me with pleading “take me home, mama, I haz a tired” eyes.

To all of which I reply, “Move it or lose it, Jones!”


I set my goal and it’s a sucky one, but one I feel the overwhelming desire to prove I can do. Sort of like writing a book. It’s hard. It really sucks at times. Motivation to finish what you started is key to success. And often times there are people or outside sources or real life slowing you down. But somehow we, the lonely and sometimes delusional writers write on because we have to meet our goals.


Now tell me, WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE WORKOUT TUNES?? I’ve decided that half of my music on my playlist just isn’t cutting it for a jog. So I’m in desperate need of some new, fast-paced tunes. I’ll be here, waiting for your suggestions…with a heating pad on my aching shins and drinking my coconut water mixed with phytoberry powder to rehydrate and hopefully recoup.

P.S. I’ve been doing about 2 miles each time so I’ve already logged approx. 12 miles! SCORE!


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  1. Tara Stearns says:

    Way to go on setting up a routine and sticking to it!!

    I found that Miranda Lambert’s ‘Kerosene’ has the perfect beat for a fast walk – any faster and you’d be jogging. (It’s country, but rock-y too.) Also, Muse’s (how appropriate) ‘Uprising’ always gets me into a good groove.

    There’s probably so many more I just can’t think of right now.


    (Hope this isn’t my second post – 1st tried from my iPod and lost the comment)

    1. Heather says:

      Hi Tara! I don’t know either of those songs. Thanks for the suggestions. Off to iTunes!

  2. Jeff says:

    Pretty good post Heather! The way you describe everything it’s entertaining. This is my first visit here and I enjoyed the post. I’ll look forward for your next post. Till then take care and stay raw. 🙂

    1. Heather says:

      Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jeff! I hope you’ll drop by again soon. I try to be entertaining, but I make no promises! 😉

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