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Heather: Today I’m excited to welcome AKM Miles to my blog! Let’s not waste any time with chitchat. How do you plan out an idea before you start writing? Or do you just fly by the seat of your pants?
AKM: Mostly I have a page on the computer…not anything as formal as an outline or anything…it’s an idea page. It rambles on. Like right now I have a Take It Slow Ideas page and I add to it as I have ideas for the book I’m writing now. It’s a sequel to Take It EASY and I’ll think ahead and go put that idea down on the “ideas” page and I can refer to it later. Also on that page are things from the other book like locations or hair color or other characters I need to keep straight so they flow into this book. I mostly go by the seat of my pants when writing. I may have no idea what is coming next in the story, but I’ll sit down and start typing and it comes to me as I do the work. I have a friend that I talk ideas through with and that has been very helpful to me lately. We enjoy discussing how things might happen. I like that, having a sounding board. (Thanks, JD) I get an idea for a book and then start throwing ideas down, ignoring some of them if they don’t fit with how the story ends up going as I write, but they’re there on the “ideas” page if I need them.

Heather: I’m more of a plotter myself, but I’m always fascinated at each individual writing process. Someday, I’ll try pantsing it! What quality do you love most about your heros?
AKM: Oh, definitely how caring they are. My guys are good guys. That is both what I get the best response about and the worst crits about. My fans know what they are going to get from my men. I write them the way I want men to be and I know there are men, and relationships, out there like that.

Heather: I love that answer! I love that you know who your readers are and what they want, but more than that, I love that you have a clear vision of who your heros are and you stay true to that despite criticism. You focus on one sub genre mainly, but do you ever plan to write another genre? If so which one?
AKM: I write contemporary because that is what I know. I love westerns and would love to do one, maybe someday. I just have so many ideas for future books in my genre, I don’t know that I’ll be branching out. I like what I do…and feel I should leave the other to those who are better at it.

Heather: I agree. There are lots of genres I like to read, but I have no intention of writing one. What’s your favorite genre to read when you’re not working on your own writing?
AKM: Not sure what you mean…I prefer to read M/M…whether it is modern, historical, paranormal, etc. Just give me men in love and I’m there (cowboys, firemen, doctors, lawyers, policemen, truck drivers, bartenders, counselors, teachers, businessmen, you name it. I will never give up JDRobb, though…autobuy!

Heather: And last but not least, the most important question of them all… What’s the one item you’d want with you on a deserted island?
AKM: A huge box. A solar-powered generator in the huge box that also holds my Kindle, a fan, a water-filter thingy, folding chair. Hey, I’m set to go.
Heather: Hmm, there’s an awful lot of items in that one box! LOL. Thank you so much for coming on my blog today and answering a few questions. Good luck with your upcoming books!

Gom Marsh is all grown up, but he looks years younger than he is. A police officer, he works undercover as a high school student to help fight the extreme bullying cases that school staffs can’t solve. The work is heartbreaking and wearing, but lucky for Gom, there’s a new man in his life. Casey Tanner, though, doesn’t like to be touched. That could be a problem. Gom is still at Scarcity Sanctuary to keep up his cover, so Soldier and Dillon are always there to help. Can Casey redeem himself after a bad first impression? Hopefully.  Gom needs him.

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    Great interview! Your books look really interesting, AKM 🙂

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    Hi AKM, Thanks for being on my blog today! I agree with Shoshanna, your books look awesome!

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