Six Sentence Sunday 7/10

It’s that time of the week again—Sunday! Be sure to check back to the main site for the list of participating authors this week. As always, thank you to everyone who comes by my blog each week to read and leave comments. I appreciate every one of you!!

This week I’m giving you a little taste of You’re Not the One. I figured this novel could use some ‘love me’ vibes this week, so feel free to offer those up to the publishing gods. LOL! In this scene we have Cassidy and Evan who are finally giving in to what they’ve wanted for so long. Giving in is so good…

“I only ever wanted one man to kiss me that day, and it wasn’t the surfer boy. And, there’s only one I want to kiss me again.”

His mouth hovered above hers, “I’m going to assume you mean me.”

Without waiting for her confirmation—without letting his conscience protest—he claimed her mouth with his. Her lips were as soft and delicious as he remembered. Cassidy’s tongue caressed his top lip, exploring and tasting him with gentle licks.



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  1. Laura Kaye says:

    Love a confident man! Should “conscious” be “conscience”? Enjoyed!

    1. Heather says:

      Good catch, Laura! I changed it. 🙂 I blame post-RWA conference excitement and tiredness.

  2. Sam Crescent says:

    Excellent six

  3. Sandi Sookoo says:

    Glad she finally told him what she wanted 🙂

  4. Sarah Grimm says:

    Excellent six! 🙂

  5. Gayle Ramage says:

    Sweet six!

  6. Lisa Fox says:

    Oh, I love a good kiss!

  7. Liz says:

    Nice six Heather!!!!!

  8. Francine Howarth Author says:


    Oh very sexy. Nothing better than an assertive hero! 😉


  9. JoAnne Kenrick says:

    I totally agree, Francine! Assertive heros get me everytime! 🙂

  10. Alix says:

    Oh, to be proclaimed like that! without thinking, taking, enjoying! wanting…my imagination is running off somewhere, because of your really well written words. Thank you so much!

  11. Graylin Fox says:

    Awe. I love this. It’s romantic and urgent at the same time.

  12. Liia Ann White says:

    It’s getting ‘love me’ vibes from me! That was fantastic.

  13. Pippa Jay says:


  14. Chantal Halpin says:

    Like the claimed bit, nicely done.

  15. Eleri Stone says:

    Sounds like it was a good assumption!

  16. Lindsay says:

    Love the six. What else does she want him to claim

  17. Janet Lane Walters says:

    Nice sentences and he is confident. Hope she sets him down a bit.

  18. Jessica Knauss says:

    Really nicely done. I’m sure the publishing gods are feeling the love.

  19. Gem Sivad says:

    Hmmm. I like the taste of this kiss too. Gentle but very sexy six!

  20. Bree Younger says:

    Yum! Sexy snip!!

  21. Trish McCallan says:

    Great snippet,

    Sexy and sweet

  22. Michele says:

    Ooooh yes, she definitely means him! Great 6, Love the title too!

  23. Sandy Nachlinger says:

    There’s nothing like a delicious kiss. So romantic, and nicely written.

  24. Lauri J Owen says:

    Aww! How sweet! Love the sappy stuff!

  25. Nancy says:

    Le sigh. Loved it!

  26. Tara Stearns says:

    I’m sending major ‘love me’ vibes for this. Love a good kissing scene.

  27. Layna Pimentel says:

    Mmm I certainly love a great smooch!

    Excellent job!

  28. Xakara says:

    Gotta love a great kiss!

    Dawn’s Early Light 6SS

  29. Lucy Felthouse says:

    Ooh, delicious! Very nice 🙂

  30. Hailey Edwards says:

    Very tasty six and a very sensual excerpt. 🙂

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