Ask an Author: Kimberley Troutte-Five ‘Keeps’ to Keep

I write Paranormal and Romantic Suspense books full of twists, heart, soul and a healthy dose of humor.

Ghosts tend to find their way into my stories, probably because I want to believe that love never dies.

My characters could be trapped in a 15th Century castle in Spain, struggling in an office in present-day California, or frantically searching faces on Main Street. No matter where they are, you will find them longing for that hold-me-forever love and battling the odds to get it. No matter the costs.

Today I welcome Kimberley Troutte to Ask an Author. Thank you so much for joining me on my blog today to answer a few questions! It’s great to have your here! Let’s get started.

Heather: You focus on one sub genre mainly, but do you ever plan to write another sub genre? If so which one?

Kimberley: I write in a couple of genres. Mostly, I focus on Women’s and Children’s fiction and from there I play. I have three books on sub right now: An Inspirational Suspense, a Contemporary Romance with light paranormal elements, and a Middle Grade boy adventure story with a ghost.

I tend to be a genre-blender.

Heather: Wow! I had no idea you wrote in so many genres already. I should do better research, huh? LOL! I don’t know how you do it, being able to change gears and go from writing Inspirational Suspense to Middle Grade. I think my brain is stuck in contemporary romance right now! Now, since I know you’re obviously busy writing all kinds of great fiction, how do you find time to balance all the aspects needed to be an author? Writing, promoting, ideas, edits?

Kimberley: I believe that you make time to do the things you love. And I do love to write. It becomes big l-o-v-e when the characters and storylines come together. When my original idea blossoms into something grander than I ever anticipated and I learn life lessons from my own characters? Oh my gosh, it’s bliss.

Talking to readers about my stories (promoting) is a special kind of joy for me. I am constantly awed that I GET to do this. Reaching out to readers and having them reach back is amazing. I never forget that being published is a gift and I try to act accordingly.

Ideas? I can’t anticipate them, really. They just come. They especially like to come when I’m not thinking about writing at all, like when I am going for a walk, or sitting on the beach, or trying to fall asleep. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve crawled out of bed, closed all the bedroom doors and fired the computer back up. Isn’t sleep overrated?

The editing process is really important to me. I tend to write the first and second drafts at a fast and furious pace. It’s like sprinting in the race of my life toward the finish line. To give you an example, I wrote my latest manuscript in two months. I just finished the editing of that manuscript in five months. The real work, for me, comes at the editing stage. It is also the place where the great ah-ha moments happen and the layers of the story are deepened. I try to read the manuscript as I would anyone else’s book (red pen excluded, of course). This means getting away from my computer. You might laugh, but I do some of my best editing work on the elliptical machine at the YMCA. Of course, I can’t always read my notes…

I am also a mom with two active boys and a hubby. I love them too! With all my heart. Thank God I have a gigantic heart. I make time for all of the things that are important to me. I do not love housework, so if something has to give…

Heather: LOL. Housework definitely is the thing that suffers the most for me too. I have to say, I’m impressed and inspired by your thoughts on giving back to readers. Being published, sharing your characters and stories with others, it really is a gift. Too often I think we all get caught up in keeping up. We have so many aspects of the job of writing to deal with on a daily basis, that sometimes it’s easy to forget why we started writing in the first place. Doing interviews, guest blogs and online chats with readers is really a great way to help us remember what go us inspired to begin with. We wouldn’t be able to do what we love to do without having readers.

What’s one piece of advice you could offer to a new or still aspiring author?

Kimberley: Just one? Okay, here it is: Keep going. Never give up. If you love to write, put in the hard work to improve your craft and keep writing. You will get better with each story. Write. Write. Write.

Keep learning. Educate yourself, join critique groups, and go to conferences. Read in your genre, and outside your genre. Read. Read. Read.

Keep your mind open. Be willing to turn your stories upside down and shake them like crazy to improve them. Remember, your name is on that baby. Wouldn’t you rather send a beautiful, sparkly story into the world, than a half-baked one?

Keep positive. Surround yourself with good influences. Don’t listen to the naysayers who whisper in your ear about the odds and difficulties “for your wellbeing”. What do they know anyway? That includes your inner demon. You know him. He’s the one that tries to convince you that you stink as a writer. Shove a sock in the demon’s mouth and prove him wrong.

Above all else? Keep the passion. The love of writing will buoy you in dark waters and will shine through your words. If you feel the deep desire to write slipping away, give yourself a break. Sometimes a little time off is just what you’ll need to charge your batteries. And then get back to it.

Heather: Kimberley, I don’t know how you do it, but your words are so inspiring to me today! These are five ‘Keeps’ that I’m definitely going to keep! How do you come up with your titles? Do they come to you right away or do you have to brainstorm them? Does a title come to you as you write the novel?

Kimberley: Titles are funny. Sometimes they come to me immediately. Many times they change as the story progresses. Catch Me in Castile, for example, was originally Don’t Look Down until Jenny  Crusie and Bob Mayer released their book with the same title while I was subbing mine. Um yeah, mine had to change.

One thing that many people don’t know is that publishers are more apt to change the author’s titles than keep them. I have been involved in title brainstorming sessions with many other authors. I’ve been lucky so far with my titles and the editors have liked them.

Heather: Well, if you put as much time, thought and energy into thinking of your titles as you seem to do with everything else, I’m not surprised that your titles stay intact after you sell. And last but not least, the most important question of them all… Sweet or salty? Are you a chocolate and candy kind of girl or chips and salsa kind of girl?

Kimberley: I do like my chips and salsa, but I can’t survive without dark chocolate.

Heather: I see how it is… You like the best of both worlds! Thank you again for answer questions today. I think this is one interview I’ll remember for a long time!

Catch Me in Castile, by Kimberley Troutte

Seeing dead people is bad enough. Loving him could make her one of them.

When the mother of all panic attacks prompts Erin Carter’s boss to pass her over for promotion, her mind doesn’t just crack. It explodes like an egg in a microwave, shattering her career along with the company car she crashes into the office building.

The death grip she’s kept on her sanity slipping, she takes a friend’s advice and flees to Spain. There she finds comfort in the healing arms of surgeon Santiago Botello—until a fifteenth-century ghost warns her that being with Santiago is dangerous, possibly even lethal.

Santiago has his hands full protecting his sister from a dark curse and his family from a very modern-day psychotic killer. The last thing he needs added to his plate is a neurotic American. Yet something about Erin tugs at his heart so hard he wants to wrap her in his arms and never let go. No matter the risk.

Erin’s attraction to Santiago makes her the killer’s next target. Survival means she must face her greatest fear, solve an ancient murder mystery—and hang on tight to the one man she’s fallen crazy in love with.

Warning: This book contains a woman willing to lose her mind for love, a hot Spaniard with hands a girl could die for, deadly family curses, a ghost with memory disorder, and a really mad killer.

What people are saying about Catch Me in Castile:

Gothic Journal Recommended Read

“…the mystery is intriguing, the characters are complicated and conflicted, and the action is intense. If you are looking for an eerie story to keep you up at night, this is it!…” Fallen Angels Reviews

“…Catch Me in Castile will take you on a journey across the world and into the belly of an engrossing suspense …” 4/5 Hearts Night Owl Romance.

“…Ms. Troutte made me feel like I was being swept away to Spain, and I must admit, she also made me wish I had a Santiago waiting for me at journey’s end…”  Joyfully Reviewed

If you’d like more information about Kimberley or her books, click on the links below!

My website is: http://www.kimberleytroutte.com/

Twitter: ktroutte

A link to the Samhain store: http://store.samhainpublishing.com/catch-castile-p-5806.html

A link to Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Catch-Me-In-Castile-ebook/dp/B002LLCI4C


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    Thanks Shoshanna!

    Glad I’m not the only one who writes the first draft in a crazy hurry. Thank you for stopping by!


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    I want to say thank you to Heather for such a great interview. You came up with great questions for me. Sorry if I was a bit wordy.


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    Thanks for doing this interview with me Kimberley! It was perfect, not too wordy!!

    Hi Shoshanna, thanks for stopping by my blog. “You can’t revise a blank page” are good words to write by!

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    Great interview.

    Kimberley, love your advice. How I needed to hear all of that today!!! And I’m totally a dark chocolate kinda girl, too!

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