Stalking my Inbox


I’ve been stalking my inbox for weeks—Weeks! It’s getting very tiresome and yet I continue to check it often. And by often, I mean all the fricken time! I’m currently waiting on final edits, and a cover, and a release date, and hopefully a request for a partial, and hopefully a request for a full, and an always-expected-but-never-desired rejection or two. The wait is madness. Absolute and utter madness!

What are you stalking your inbox in hopes of finding?


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  1. Jennifer Probst says:

    HI Heather! I am always stalking something! The mail, the phone, or the inbox! Waiting for the big “sale” since I always have stuff out there. Good luck – I am positive you will hear soon!

  2. Heather says:

    Thanks, Jen! This is just something all of us writers go through. I think waiting is a rite of passage—like getting a rejection letter!

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