Another First, Joining the RWA

This weekend, I had another first.  I joined the Romance Writers of America and went to my first meeting of my local chapter. (I would prefer it if my local chapter could remain a mystery, thanks!) I was nervous to go, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have to say the experience was great! I met a bunch of new writers in my area, some with many years publishing experience, some with their first book sales, and others with plenty of life experience as a writer with a passion and determination to get published. The amount of collective experience in the room was inspiring. There’s just something wonderful about being surrounded by likeminded people who enjoy the same passion in life as your own.

During the meeting, we discussed everyone individual news related to both life in general and in their writing. It was interesting to learn where everyone is in the process with their own work.  There was a lot of discussion about publishers and agents that members are researching or communicating with and the kinds of things they’re looking for, etc. And there was an opportunity to read pages from a WIP (work-in-progress) for critique, however no one had pages this time.

All-in-all, I’d say it was time well spent. I look forward to meeting with my chapter again next month and hearing more about their journey and hopefully successes. Maybe next time I’ll read a few of my own pages and see what they think. Or better yet, maybe I’ll have some news of my own since I’m getting very close to being ready to send out my manuscript!

If you’re a romance writer and you’re interested in more information about the RWA or local chapters in your area, go to: http://www.rwanational.org/.


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  1. Wendy Marcus says:

    Hi Heather!
    Welcome to RWA. I missed Saturday’s meeting because I had TICKETS TO THE CAROLE KING/JAMES TAYLOR CONCENT. Yippee! It was great. We went early to make a day of it. Sorry I missed welcoming you in person. I’ve heard about the Panera Bread writers group. (If it’s the same one I’m thinking of….by Wal Mart) I know you want to keep locations a secret so I’m being careful. I was invited to stop by. Maybe I will. Oh, and how cool….my last blog post was also about finishing a manuscript!

    1. hthurmeier says:

      Hi Wendy!
      It’s nice to meet you too, even if it’s only a virtual meeting! I’m sure I’ll see you at another RWA meeting soon. As for Panera Bread, I did meet up with them once there which was great! I plan on going again as soon as I can fit it in the busy weekend schedule. Maybe I’ll see you there! Congrats on finishing your manuscript! I’d love to hear what it’s about sometime!!

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