Managing Monkeys

It’s been really interesting and challenging raising two small children only 18 months apart. When I wake each morning, I just never know what I’m going to get. Some days are great and our house runs like a perfectly conducted orchestra, with each piece doing it part at the right time and everything in sync. Other days, all hell breaks loose. Nothing goes as it should, the kids are both screaming at me and waiting for their needs to be met, and all I want to do is just take an F’ing shower so that I can wash the spit-up and pee of off myself! NO, not my pee! I swear, some days I feel like I’m managing monkeys. “Don’t touch that! Don’t push your sister! Put that back! Each your dinner. Don’t throw poo at her!!” (No, thank God they don’t throw poo at each other, but they would if they were Monkeys:)

Today is one of those Monkey kind of days. I need both girls to settle down and take their naps. No really, I NEED them to take their naps!!! And one monkey tricks me with a potty ploy and the other monkey jumps up and down in her crib with excitement when I walk into the room. That doesn’t sound like napping little monkeys…Then just when I think I’m about to start pulling out my hair because my monkeys won’t take their naps and give their mummy a much needed break, I pick up my little one to rock her to sleep. She snuggles against me, looks into my eyes and ever so gently reaches her cute little monkey hand up to my face…and sticks one cute little monkey finger in my nose. Ahhh, good times….


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