#WritersLife – The Planner…


Last year’s planner is on the left, this year’s is on the right. I love that they are customizable!

Last year I started using a planner to help me organize both my home life and my #WritersLife, and the results are better than I ever hoped. Not only does the planner keep me on track, I look forward to writing in it each week, and every time I bring it out I’m more productive than I would have been otherwise! And it’s super cute too!!

The planner I fell in love with is an Erin Condren one, but there are a bunch of different options now.  This one just seemed to fit everything I needed and wanted in a planner. There’s a monthly view, weekly view, lined pages, blank pages, and even a pocket at the back.

Weekly layout spread. Love those boxes to keep life organized!

Weekly layout spread. Love those boxes to keep life organized!

I especially love that it has the different boxes for each day. Some could use it as a morning, afternoon, evening break up. However, I use mine as exercise/health, writing, and family. It totally works for me and helps me keep up with all of the demands on my schedule.



Each week, usually on Sunday, I write my goals for the week down the lefthand side. If I’m in the mood to meal prep that week, those go along the bottom. And every day I fill in what I’ve completed. I love checking things off the list!



To make things even cuter, I bought myself stickers! I know, I’m old, but who doesn’t love stickers?!?! Plus they make my planner look even cuter. These stickers I bought on Etsy at Karolinaskrafts and PaperCut Design Co.

Erin Condren planner, carry case, and Frixion pens.

Erin Condren planner, carry case, and Frixion pens.

And let’s not forget these awesome pens. They’re not just any pens. Oh no. These are ERASABLE!!!! Yep, you read that right. I don’t know how and I don’t care why, but I love that I can make a mistake with these colorful pens and clean it up without making a mess of my beautiful planner. I couldn’t do it without them!

So tell me, do you use a planner? What kind? Any useful tips or tricks or goodies that you like to use with yours?


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