#WriterWednesday — When the Story Changes!


When I start out to write a book I usually have the plot fairly mapped out. I definitely don’t know every scene or moment in advance, but I have a general idea of how I want things to go for my characters. Then during the process, the characters start to tell their own story. Sometimes they follow the plan 100%. Other times, not so much. Sometimes the way I might have seen a scene in my head during the planning stage suddenly changes into something else because of who my characters have become throughout the book. It’s always fun and a little nerve wracking to see where they’ll take me.

In WITH THIS KISS, which is part of the MAGICAL WEDDINGS box set, I knew I wanted a scene where the wedding party all goes out drinking and dancing. I knew I wanted Jenna and Max to flirt and be surprised by their sudden rekindling of feelings for each other. But I never foresaw this scene turning out the way it did! I remember giggling while writing it!



His fingers trailed a path up and down her spine and little goose bumps rose on her flesh despite the heat of the night. Her gaze went to his lips, knowing that if she kissed him right now, he’d taste just as good as her drink had. Probably better. Suddenly her mouth went dry and she licked her lips.

The urge to kiss him threatened to overthrow her willpower. Every fiber of her being begged to feel his lips on hers again. She inched forward slightly, drawn to him. What was the harm in one little kiss? They’d already had one today. Surely a second didn’t count.

Survive one get one free, right?

“There you two are,” Leah said, rushing up to them. “We’ve been looking for you everywhere. We’re beat and ready to call it a night but didn’t want to head up to the rooms without knowing where you guys were.”

Leah’s gaze went to Max’s lap and her eyes nearly bulged out of her face. Jenna couldn’t imagine what was so outstanding about Max’s groin, so against her better judgment, she looked.


Her hand. A mere inch from Max’s penis.

Okay then.

Quickly extracting her hand from Max’s general penile area, she grabbed her bottle of water instead. Apparently she needed to drink more of it. A lot more. Like enough to drown a fish and wash away the fact that she’d just felt up Max’s thigh.

“So you’re here,” Leah said, pointing at them individually while her eyes darted back and forth between them and a grin bloomed on her lips. “And you’re there. And we’re going. So we’ll see you both tomorrow. Or today, I guess, since it’s technically already tomorrow. So…um…have fun with…whatever it was you were doing. Or about to do. Or were thinking of doing next.”

With that, Leah darted away practically skipping.

Jenna picked up the new martini a waitress had delivered, at some point, and chugged it. Screw water. She needed alcohol, STAT. A clear head would not help her deal with the aftermath of Max and his penis and her hand and…

Groping Max was not on my to-do list today.


MagicalWeddings3D-2I love the chemistry and dynamic between Jenna and Max!

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