#NewRelease — The Hookup Hoax is Finally Here!

THH_500-2The Hookup Hoax is finally here!!! And I’d love it if you’d grab a copy today! You can find all the buying info you could need by clicking on this link:



HOOKUP HOAX at Entangled Publishing



Just check out what these reviewers are already saying about the book!!!

There is good amount of will they or won’t they in this story that had me flipping the pages faster than an Indy racer on Memorial Day Weekend. The story wasn’t all about getting to the next steamy scene, a real relationship percolated between the two as they dragged their collective baggage with them. An exciting twist toward the end had my jaw dropping in surprise. I loved that! It is so refreshing to read a story where I don’t have the ending figured out beforehand. If you are looking for a story with substance, outstanding character development, and sizzling romance, The Hookup Hoax is for you.

~ Lindsey Grey, reviewer

5 stars! “Oh, I had so much fun reading The Hookup Hoax. Sawyer and Olivia were perfectly hot, awkward, flirty, embarrassed, sexy and loving with each other throughout their story.”

~ Marsha, Keeper Bookshelf

5 stars! “Take one desperate bachelor, add in the sister of a friend, add some sizzling chemistry, shake and what do you end up with? The Hook-Up Hoax which will have you hooked from the first page and leave you grinning and awing with the last.”

~ Rachel, Goodreads reviewer

5 stars! “An often laugh out loud read with likeable characters from the first page.”

~ Talking Books

5 stars! “This book was pretty awesome!”

~ Angela, Goodreads reviewer


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