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I can’t believe it’s less than a week until PINCH OF ME, DASH OF YOU releases!!! If you just can’t wait until Jan 6th to get your copy, no worries. You can PRE-ORDER YOU COPY TODAY! Convenient, right?

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How about an excerpt to wet your appetite?


“I have a meeting in less than an hour. I’m going to have to go buy a new shirt. Or cancel my meeting or something. I can’t go looking like this,” she said, pointing at the stain and in turn, her breast.

His gaze drifted to the stain as well but could only focus on the swell of her breast beneath the material. It looked like the perfect handful.

She lifted the material away from her skin as if that might help the stain not spread. “I’m going to put water on this and see if I can get it to come out.”

“Bring it to me and I’ll get the stain out. I have a few tricks from my years in the kitchen.” He’d learned a few things about stains after so long wearing white chef’s jackets. He might not be able to get the stain out completely, but he’d do a better job of it than water alone would.

“I’m to wear what exactly while you clean my blouse? My bra?” Her tone challenged him, mocked him as if he’d suggested something scandalous. Maybe he had. He couldn’t quite gauge her response to the possibility. “I didn’t bring extra clothes. So…” Her voice trailed off.

He’d love to tell her to forgo the clothes while he worked on the stain, but that probably wouldn’t go over well. He had an alternative.

He grinned. “I won’t stop you from parading around in your bra if that makes you most comfortable. Or,” he continued as he pulled open a large drawer near the pantry, “I have an extra chef jacket you can wear while I work on your stain. If you hurry, I’m sure I can have it at least mostly clean by the time you have to leave.”

Her cheeks turned rosy as she accepted the jacket and disappeared into the bathroom.

While he waited, he grabbed the few kitchen essentials he’d need to work on her stain. Mixing baking soda and salt together with a little water, he made a paste. Just as he reached for the lemon, she walked into the kitchen.

Still in her heels, she reappeared wearing only the chef’s jacket he’d given her. The top few buttons were undone, the material opened to create an enticing view. She no longer appeared to be wearing her skirt either. The jacket was barely long enough to cover her rear, the hem brushing the tops of her thighs. Another inch shorter and he’d be able to see if she preferred panties or a thong.

The thought made it hard to concentrate on removing the stain. It made other things hard too. His pants suddenly much more binding than they had been a few minutes ago.

“I found a little spot on my skirt as well.” She sounded nervous as she handed him her clothes.

Her things were soft and still warm from her body heat. The combination did nothing to help him focus on the task at hand. Reluctantly, he pulled his gaze from the great expanse of bare skin gracing his kitchen and turned his attention to the stains.

“I’ll tidy up while you work on that.” She grabbed a cloth from the sink beside him and moved off to wipe down the counters.

He ran cold water through the stain then applied the baking powder paste he’d made, scrubbing in gentle circles. Glancing up, he spotted her reaching across the counter to scrub a splash of sauce off the wall near the stove. The back of her chef’s jacket rode her thighs, providing him with a glimpse of bare rounded cheeks.

Thong. Be strong. Look away.

As if she could sense his eyes on her body, she peeked over her shoulder, then bolted upright, pulling the hem down in the back. “This jacket is a bit too short.”

“Looks about right from where I’m standing.” His voice strained against the desire building in him. He focused on his task at hand again, but not before seeing a hint of a smile on her lips as she turned back around.

That wasn’t a “back off” kind of look. It was almost an “I’m intrigued” kind of look…interesting. 


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