Friday Reads — 2/25/14

I’m reading a couple of books this week.

1. Seal of Awakening by Traci Douglass. This is the third installment of her Seven Seals series. I loved the first two so I had to get this one too! Each can be read on its own so feel free to grab a copy of any of them and jump right in. I love the heroes in each book! And the premise of the series as a whole is really cool. So far, this book is just a good as the others!!

2. The Guard by Kiera Cass. This is actually a novella in the world of a bigger series. Currently I’m waiting for the last book in the series to be release and the wait is slowly killing me. LOL. So this little novella is scratching the itch nicely. Not much longer now and I can dive into that last book. *taps fingers impatiently*

Our family reads this week are:

1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. My girls loved the first book. Then the first movie. Now we’re halfway through the second book and they can’t wait to read as a family each night! We try to do a chapter a night. I love this series to read on my own and to watch the movies. But I have to say, reading it out loud as a family to my kids has been the best!! I love answering their questions about the world and sometimes telling them that we know the answer but won’t tell them because we don’t want to spoil the books. I love their enthusiasm and excitement for reading each night! Awesome.

2. Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox. I LOVE this picture book. We read it again last night and even though it’s our 100th time reading it, it still makes us all laugh! Highly recommend. And now that I just went to Amazon to grab the link, I see she’s written another book! Waking Beauty! I may have just one-clicked that sucker. šŸ™‚


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  1. Eileen says:

    With each one of my children I remember reading a series with them. I’ve read Boxcar kid mysteries with the oldest, the Chronicles of Narnia with the second, Magic School Bus with the third and Lemony Snicket with the 4th. I think the whole family read Harry Potter. Towards the end of the series I had to get 2 books in order to satisfy the 6 of us. LOL That was way before Nook/Kindle came out. I was still reading books.
    Now I have a granddaughter and I’m starting all over. Thank goodness I kept my Dr.Seuss’ and Sesame Street books from years ago.

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