Stuck on You is a Best Seller!!!

UPDATE!!!! Because of my awesome readers, STUCK ON YOU is now a Kindle Best Seller!!! 

Check out these stats:

I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who tweeted, retweeted, facebooked, shared my link and bought their own copy yesterday. It’s because of you that STUCK ON YOU now gets to join FALLING FOR YOU as a Kindle Best Seller! If you missed the big sale, don’t worry, you can still grab a copy for only $3.82, which is probably less than you spent on your coffee this morning and it’ll last you a lot longer too! 😉 And if you’ve read the book, please tell your friends and family about it, write a review and keep spreading the good word of mouth so I can keep doing what I love—writing book!
Now I’m off to try and concentrate on writing my new book (the foodie romance!) since yesterday was a day of watching stats and not accomplishing anything else! I’m so overwhelmed and thankful for all of you!

STUCK ON YOU (sequel to Kindle Bestselling FALLING FOR YOU) is on sale for .99c, but only for today! And only at AMAZON! If you haven’t checked out my Reality TV Romance series yet, now’s the perfect time to jump right in!

Paige Anderson agrees to be on a new reality show called Treasure Trekkers, a show where contestants use handheld GPS units to find hidden caches filled with prizes, with her good friend Cassidy. But when Cassidy is unable to compete, Chip Cormack, the show’s producer, steps in with a last-minute replacement to be Paige’s partner – Zoe Oliver, reality TV’s favorite bad girl.

Jack Miles (aka Miles) is a mountain climber with the body to prove it. Miles convinced his climbing partner Ben to come on the show with him for one reason – to prove to Ben that they can still hike together, regardless of the fact that Ben lost his foot in a tragic accident. Miles isn’t about to let anything get in his way of winning – not even beautiful Paige.

But when Miles and Paige are thrown into an alliance with their teammates, working closely together leads to more than just good strategy. Can Paige steal Miles’ heart while surviving Zoe long enough to win the game?

Ready to grab your copy? Better do it quick before the price goes back up!   BUY IT HERE!


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  1. Eileen says:

    now that is a great deal!!

    1. Heather says:

      I know! I had nothing to do with it. I was thrilled to hear Amazon chose it for this promotion!

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