Meadow Ridge is Back!

Yay!! I’m so excited to tell you that the entire Meadow Ridge Romance series is back online!!! Well, it’s on Amazon at least. I’m working to get it on other sites as well, but that will take another few days. Until then, head on over to Amazon and check out the books! And while you’re there, grab your copy!

Please Note: These books are a rerelease. The stories have had minor edits done but they are 99.9% the same as the originals. If you purchased the originals, please be warned these are the same in almost every way except covers.

Also, the Meadow Ridge series is now categorized as NEW ADULT ROMANCE. That genre fits the story, characters and plot better than a standard contemporary romance listing. If New Adult had been a thing back when these books were originally contracted, then I would have categorized them as that off the start. Now I feel the stories will be better understood in the category that reflects them the most accurately. So if you or someone you know enjoys NEW ADULT ROMANCE, please pass along these links and help spread the word about Meadow Ridge Romances!! But remember, New Adult romance is intended for readers aged 18+.

So here they are:

Love and Lattes: buy it at AMAZON

Julia’s just a normal girl trying—and failing—to fit in. In Meadow Ridge, an upper-crust society where designer labels rule, the only thing that matters more than money, is status. Julia’s got neither.

Chase has it all—born and bred in The Meadow, he’s the most eligible bachelor and the object of every woman’s attention. And he wants nothing to do with any of them… until he meets Julia.

Struggling just to make ends meet long enough to finish her degree, Julia needs her new job as a stock girl at Bloom’s Books. When her new boss turns out to be her steamy fling from the bar a few nights before, Julia’s not sure she’ll be able to stick around to collect her first check. Now Julia’s stuck in a tough spot—stay and resist her feelings for Chase so she can get the paycheck she desperately needs, or give into desire and risk her job, future and probably her heart.



Love on Landing: buy it at AMAZON

Tali’s always had everything a girl from The Meadow could want: fancy cars, designer labels, and a last name that carries some serious clout. Too bad it’s not enough to keep her boyfriend—ex-boyfriend!—from cheating on her. Now Tali’s on a mission to make herself feel better, starting with a spontaneous trip to Paris for some much needed retail therapy.

Gavin could think of a million things he’d rather do than fly a rich girl from The Meadow to Paris. Now he’s stuck with her for a week, acting like her personal assistant, and it just might be the most frustrating time of his life… and strangely the most enjoyable too. There’s just something about Tali he can’t ignore.

When Tali’s forced to choose between her family’s expectations and Gavin’s belief that she should stand up for herself and what she really wants, she’s not sure she’s strong enough for either option. If she chooses wrong, does she risk losing the other forever?



Love or Luxury: buy it at AMAZON

Rebecca’s never been a “normal” Meadow Ridge girl. The daughter of a chauffeur and transplant into the gated community, she’s always felt like an outsider. Now her father’s retired, she’s been forced into an over-priced apartment she can’t afford, and she’s running out of things to sell to pay her rent. If something doesn’t change soon, Rebecca stands to lose everything.

Finn can’t stand the girls from The Meadow. Materialistic, lazy and self-centered, he wants nothing to do with them. Until he almost hits Rebecca with his motorcycle. Now he can’t stop thinking about her or how different she seems to be from everyone else.

Rebecca’s last hope to save the life she’s always known is Reid, her high school sweetheart and the man she hoped to marry one day, but that was before she met Finn. Now she must choose between the life of luxury she’s always wanted in The Meadow and the man she fears she can’t live without—Finn.


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  1. M.J. Schiller, Romance Author says:

    Love you covers, Heather! Who did them?

    1. Heather says:

      Thanks MJ! Hot Damn Designs did all three covers. I love working with them!

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