M is for Meadow Ridge

Meadow Ridge a fictional community I created for a group of characters. It’s a gated community, with it’s own shops, schools, hospital and residences. I filled it with the wealthiest characters I could think of in a world of privilege, luxury and obligations. My characters from the Meadow might seem shallow and selfish at first glance, but they all have a deeper level, an inner turmoil that even a life of wealth can’t protect them from. My favorite of the series is LOVE ON LANDING, the second book. They can be read alone or together, in order or out.

Have you ever been somewhere like Meadow Ridge in real life??


Retail therapy in Paris isn’t the only way to cure Tali’s broken heart. En route, she meets her family’s new pilot, Gavin. When personalities clash at 30,000 feet, the chemistry between them is undeniable.

One night in bed isn’t enough to quell the fireworks between Tali and Gavin, and when tempers erupt, Tali’s ex-boyfriend is there to pick up the pieces. But she’s finally realized what she really wants in life… and it isn’t her ex or the life her father has planned back home.

Now all Tali wants is the man who loved her enough to tell her what she didn’t want to hear, but can she win his heart on the trip home and find Love on Landing?

LOVE ON LADING is available in both print and ebook at the following retailers!

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  1. Karen Michelle Nutt says:

    I found you on Authors Network. Picked up a copy of Catching Stardust and tweeted about it. Good luck with your book. Following you on Twitter @KMNbooks and liked your Facebook page.
    Hmm… sounds like I’m stalking you. lol

    Re: Your post for M
    Never been to a place like Meadow Ridge. Sounds like a good read. I’m participating in the A to Z challenge, too. If you have a chance to stop by my blog that would be fantastic. Mine is M for Magical Mirrors http://www.kmnbooks.com/karens-shenanigans/

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