C is for Change

It never fails, Spring hits and all I can think about is cleaning up our living space and making everything newer/cleaner/better! This year is especially true because we are considering moving. We’ve been de-cluttering every weekend and the house is starting to look amazing! We’ve reorganized things, packed things away in storage, and completely given our living spaces a new life.

Most recently, we changed out master bedroom from something that looked very Mexican Fiesta-ish with bright orange walls with an orange/blue/green bedspread to something that looks much calmer, tranquil and beachy with blues/whites/creams and tans. We kept the orange walls but added new beachy accents. I love the transformation!

Something as simple as beachy candles in sand with some blue/green sea glass makes me so much happier in my bedroom! I love feeling like I’m on vacation.


Have you made any big changes this Spring?


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  1. ReadingRenee says:

    I have in fact and I hope it makes me happier

  2. Eileen says:

    2 weeks ago I started my home renovation/addition project. Should take 5 months. I am making BIG changes. I also decided its time to get off my butt and start exercising again. Winter is over and it’s time.

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