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Sunny California? Not so much. Amelia’s stuck at the office retreat in frickin’ Lake Tahoe with a grabby colleague who thinks he’s God’s gift to women. At least the workshop presenter is super hot… if only she can get him to take her from the bunny hill to the bedroom.

Amelia Brooks agrees to a weekend retreat in California, thinking it will be held in sunny Malibu only to find out she’s stuck in chilly Lake Tahoe for four long days–just what a girl from Minnesota wants to hear in the middle of winter. Now instead of wiggling her toes in the sand, her feet are squeezed into her new manufactured-by-Satan-himself-uncomfortable boots. If that’s not enough, Amelia’s obnoxious colleague William has decided this is the weekend they’ll finally be together and he won’t keep his thoughts–or his hands–to himself.
Amelia’s ready to kick off those boots and peel off her wooly sweater once she meets Nate Miller–the workshop’s hunky presenter. But Nate’s not ready to settle down. He’s seen his workshop buddies fall in love then fall out of the running for being promoted to the big city workshop circuit and he’s not about to let that happen to his life’s dream–until he gets involved with Amelia. Now he’s not so sure he can walk away at the end of the weekend with his heart intact and his promotion in hand.
Now Amelia’s got four days to stave off William’s persistent advances long enough to fall in love with Nate and possibly…learn to ski the bunny hill.
5 stars! “This book had me laughing out loud and rooting for Amelia and Nate. If you love romance and you love chick lit and you love to laugh, then you need this book.” 

~ Shoshanna Evers, Amazon Erotica Bestselling Author
5 stars! “This is one of those romances that can keep you up late into the night to finish … Definitely a great read you don’t want to miss.” ~ Lacey Wolfe

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